Friday, March 17

Fashion Rocks?

Fashion Rocks?

Is it wrong that whilst glancing through Net-a-porters webpages I noticed a pair of Miu miu wedges, costing £160, and said 'wow, that's cheap'?As much as my friends may think, I do not receive enough money to pay stupid prices for clothes. Also as I'm not one the lucky ones who can charge everything to 'Daddy's Credit Card' (*cough*Paris Hilton*cough*) I happily shop in Topshop and H&M. But is it just me or is Topshop now stupidly overpriced aswell? I went into Topshop this weekend to buy a belt and imagine my amazement to see the cheapest belt to be £20 and even with my NUS discount of a whopping £2 it's still expensive comparing it with the quality and the comparison to previous prices and those in a better value shop like H&M! Antoher thing about Topshop is the supposed uniquness that they say exists, I went to Topshop to buy a jacket costing £30 thinking it was quite good value for money, until whilst shopping in H&M I noticed exactly the same jacket for £20! (If anyone mentions the term shopping around I will kill you!). Anyway rant over. No doubt it'll happen again but for now I'm Done!

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