Friday, March 17


I do this on a weekly basis on my MySpace blog
But now I've got one of these I guess I'll move it here, because I get really obsessive about it messing up the positioning on MySpace Anyway I'm rambling.

1 MINUTE AGO: eating fruit pastilles
1 DAY AGO: in computer room talking about Hugo McQueen, I'm sorry Jo I know you get bored!
1 WEEK AGO: home
1 YEAR AGO: Not a clue, Sociology maybe?
I MISS: my room being tidy & Tash
I AM: alright ta.
Current mood: a bit blah
Current Music: Lauryn Hill
Current Taste: fruit pastilles
Current Hair: bed hair, type bun
Current Annoyance: my room is a mess and I like Grass a little too much again.
Current Smell: my room
Current thing I should be Doing: homework
Current favourite band: Smoosh
Current windows open: myspace, Itunes, Blgger,
Current Desktop Picture: Daisies
Current Favourite Show: Project Catwalk even though it' finished
Current Book: I'm trying not reading for a whie
Current Movie In DVD player: Snatch

Lauryn Hill - Everything Is Everything

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