Monday, March 20


1 MINUTE AGO: sneezed
1 DAY AGO: at Auntie Stephs for party dooly.
1 WEEK AGO: Granma's
1 YEAR AGO: don't know
I MISS: TV, it's is actually gone
I AM: not so bad ta
Current mood: jollyful, dancing a lil' bit.
Current Music: The Nolans - I'm In The Mood For Dancing
Current Taste: cornflakes
Current Hair: bun
Current Annoyance: gorra cold
Current Smell: look up
Current thing I should be Doing: dunno, washing up probs
Current favourite band: The Nolans are lil' bit funkified, hehe, umm..Smoosh are stll a bit cool too.
Current windows open: myspace, flickr, Blogger, Itunes, MSN messenger, My Docs
Current Desktop Picture: It's a purty flower
Current Favourite Show: well I don't have TV show my Teacher's boxset and he Simpsons
Current Book: Memoirs of A Geisha
Current Movie In DVD player: Pieces of April
Current cd in stereo: nothingness

The Nolans - I'm In The Mood (For Dancing)

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