Friday, March 17

Who Draws The Line?

I can't believe it, but, I actually uttered the phrase 'dating boundaries' this week, with the meaning of people needing to know them. However, it got me thinking if 'Dating boundaries', or 'leagues, actually exist and if so who decides which side of the boundary your actually on. I mean is it all just a state of mind. I read something in one of the Psychology text books (yes I went to the lesson!) that said that males tend to go for partners who are better looking than them (something to do with ego I suppose), whereas females go for less attractive partners. Whereas other theories suggest that humans simply go for partners you believe are of similar attractive...ness?! So if these theories are true I find , I dunno, Freddie Ljungberg attractive because he's either of the same or a lower attractive level to me, therefore he'd want to be with me because I'd be like a trophy girlfriend of some sort! Hang on..........Harrumph! I thought possibly having pointed that out ,Freddie would come a'knocking, unfortunately not. Perhaps it is simply to do with your state of mind, because however attractive you view yourself to be is a result of your confidence, self-belief - whatever. For example, if like most girls you have a poor self-image, you're going to aim low. On the other hand if you're annoyingly vain the sky's the limit, Brad Pitt will be knocking down your door faster than you can say 'Brangelina'! I think what I'm trying too say in the most inadvertently complicated and not very helpful way is that maybe girls shouldn't put themselves down so much and go for that gorgeous boy, who knows he may say yes and if he doesn't it doesn't matter you'll bounce back, I certainly did. But whatever, I'm just bouncing my ideas of the walls, or maybe it's just in my head.

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