Monday, May 1

Are You Listening To Meringue?

This Bank Holiday Weekend has been a bit dreary, weather-wise anyway, but one thing that has cheered me up is music from an 'upcoming artist' called Lily Allen. The mix of her London accent, summery music (My mum asked me why I was listening to meringue) and hilarious lyrics are really refreshing. Some of my faves are 'See a fella looking dapper, and he's sitting with a slapper and I see it's a pimp and his crackwhore' from LDN or 'Get out my face, leave me alone and no you can't have my number. Why? 'coz I lost my phone' from Knock 'em out. I'd recommend her music to anyone who is a bit sick of the overdose of American R'n'B and the seemingly endless era of Indie. As, much as I love Kanye West and Artic Monkeys, I think we need to be pushing British music more because there's so much variety out there that bands being so over-hyped like the Monkeys means that other good bands don't get a look in. Anyway, Lilly Allen, Listen to her music it's amazering, seriously! (link on the pic)

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