Tuesday, May 30

It's Not That Funny.

R A N D O M . . .

1 MINUTE AGO: Talking to Mum
1 DAY AGO: watching the season finale of Gilmore Girls
1 WEEK AGO: at home
1 YEAR AGO: it was a monday, watching BB or Next Top Model
I MISS: Tash et Jonna
I AM: comfortable
Current mood: blah
Current Music: Aint it Funny - J-lo (hello)
Current Taste: Carte d'or Ice Cream
Current Hair: It's long still
Current Annoyance: not being able to watch Gilmore till September
Current Smell: hot dogs
Current thing I should be Doing: sleeping
Current favourite band: Have been listening to Blondie lots
Current windows open: Myspace, Blogger & Itunes
Current Desktop Picture: space rocket
Current Favourite Show: Gilmore Girls & My So Called Life.
Current Book: The Ringmasters Daughter
Current Movie In DVD player: Jumping Jack Flash
Current cd in stereo: not sure

J-Lo - Ain't It Funny(Remix)

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