Monday, May 15

Nobody! At The Disco.

Well, I just finished watching Romeo + Juliet (first time I watched the DVD since I bought it last year. Vintage Leonardo Dicaprio is always lovely) I'd forgotten how much I love the film tis great, obviously I love the bit where they're at the fish tank. But my two favourite parts are when Juliet and Paris are dancing really badly and the whole Romeo & Tybalt fighting thing. Truly amazing film.
My current annoyance with MySpace is the stupid fad of people putting their name in the style of Panic!At The Disco, how original. (eg, Julie! At The Disco) I will sustain till the cows come home that I'm no music snob, but I hear Panic! are rubbish. And by, I hear, I mean literally I sat and listened to them. Honestly, these scene kids and their 'individuality'. My other annoyance is useless bulletins, ie. people begging for picture comments, (you want me to tell you I think you're an ugly poser? or would you rather I comment on your pics because I actually have something to say about them?). Rant Over.

This week I have been listening to,

apparently. I'm also currently listening to Damien Marley and Frou Frou on PureVolume.

Today has been one of those days where you don't whether you're coming or going. This morning we were going to go to Auntie Steph's, then we didn't, then we were going to go to Sainsbury's, then we didn't, then I was going to go to Granma's, then I didn't, then we went to Auntie Steph's, which was confusing.

I read Pink Is The New Blog today as usual. Trent said he'd been to see Just My Luck (apparently crap) then horror of horrors he called McFly unattractive. I made a comment, acknowledging Lindsay Lohan's buxomness and expressed a little love for McFly. (Mullets, Pah!) Some random guy got into a tiff with Trent about his remarks on McFly's style, I sort of agreed with him, British people are certainly miles ahead of Americans in the style stakes, but maybe thats beacuse America's so big - there's more room for the badly dressed.

I bought some really nice shorts on Wednesday and I lost them on Thursday. I'm really annoyed. Another thing I'm annoyed about is that I don't have a job, because if I had a job I could get a mortgage and buy a flat on Queens Road which I possibly can't now, we'll see anyway I'm trying. Meaning, University is looking further of the agenda and A-Levels are seemingly less important to me. Ho-hum. You don't need a degree to be a Rockstar (*smiles*). I'm feeling slightly distanced from my friends which I know is my own doing, but it's still a bit odd. I shouldn't really go into it on here. I want to go see Kano at Rock City but have nobody to go with. And I want Lily Allen to come to Nottingham so I can have nobody to go with to go see her also.

I wrote another song today, it's a complete work in progress that again nobody will hear because I can't play guitar enough to write music to them. I also charged my phone for the first time in a long time. It's really wierd I don't miss watching TV, but not having it makes me feel like an outsider, or something.

I went into the big Topshop on my own for the first time since I left. It really has gotten crap (not because I left, but because business really isn't booming) Rumour has it that Topshop aren't doing well nationally, because people are realising that the quality/price ratio isn't making sense. That's honesty, not bitchy. Sometimes, I wish I'd stayed there simply for the fact that it was a good place to get the dirt on retail businesses in general (plus I'd have a flat now also).

Well, I need the toilet and need sleep. So I'm going to stop writing before I find something else that I could write about for another hour, like how my rooms a mess and my sunglasses collection.

Over and Out.


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