Friday, July 28

The Grass Wasn't Greener On The Other Side

1 MINUTE AGO: Singing, Jenny Don't Be Hasty
1 DAY AGO: Watching Lucky Number Slevin.
1 WEEK AGO: At home watching TV
1 YEAR AGO: At my Grandma's for my uncle's birthday.
I MISS: Hugo McQueen, I had to think whether I really miss him, but I do.
I AM: hot.
Current mood: alright
Current Taste: garlic
Current Hair: It's long still
Current Annoyance: the weather
Current Smell: my fingers smell like jelly babies, strange.
Current thing I should be Doing: nothing
Current favourite band: I revisited The Corrs this week.
Current windows open: Myspace, Blogger, Gmail.
Current Desktop Picture: downstairs computer, Stars.
Current Favourite Show: En ce moment, pour moi, la tele est nul.
Current Book: Elle, lol, how shallow.
Current Movie In DVD player: Coming To America (Class!)
Current cd in stereo: Random Kiss Smooth Grooves CD I found.

The Corrs - What Can I Do (lol, remember the Natwest(?) Ad?)

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