Friday, July 28

Luck Number Slevin

So me and my mum ventured into the video shop this week to make sure it really wasn't a pine shop (long story). Upon finding it was still a video shop I got a DVD out, it was not, however, the DVD I intend to write about, it was A Cock and Bull Story. It's a good film, but I'm glad I didn't go to the cinema to watch it. Cock and Bull Story is a funny film and a bit of a who's who of British (BBC) comedy, but it just got a little confusing for me and at 11 pm you don't really want that. I'd say watch it first, if not just for Rob Brydon, who is in my humble opinion above and beyond Steve Coogan on the hilarity scale.

The next day we returned to the DVD shop, truth be told (in the words of Wallace) the bounce had gone a little from my bungee. Nevertheless, I tried again with another film which I didn't get to see at the cinema, Lucky Number Slevin.

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm completely biased. Fact: Any film that contains Josh Hartnett walking around in a very small towel, is most certainly going to be in my top 5 best films ever made, thus I am completely biased.

Lucky Number Slevin is a story of mistaken identity. Slevin lands himself in the middle of a feud between two rival crime bosses, The Boss (because he's The Boss) and The Rabbi (because he's a rabbi. On top of that he's being followed by a detective and a deadly assassin. Slevin has to try and get himself 'out of the pocket' of each boss in his own way. Very unexpected twists in this,clever and funny. I loved it an awful lot, and not just for obvious reasons. People have critiscised this film as being a Ritchie or Tarrantino rip-off, but it's not. It may not be unique in theme, but I dare you to try and name a gangster film that is. The story is clever and gripping so it's completely worth watching, especially if you're as a big a Josh Hartnett fan as I am!

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