Wednesday, July 19

My Last Request On The Radio

I've been meaning to post this for a while, no matter what anyone tells you I have been very busy! Anyhow, I've been listening to a lot of new music recently (new to me anyway) so I thought I'd tell you a little about it.

Firstly, You probably worked out that I was very happy about Lily Allen getting to number 1 with 'Smile', I feel like helped it there, in my own way. Now you've got to go buy her album 'Alright Still', I'm yet to purchase it due to lack of money, but I'll be purchasing it soon, mark my words!

The best way to work out my favourite artists is by looking at my Last.FM profile. My top 3 overall artists at the moment are McFly, Regina Spektor and Lily Allen. Now, unless you've been living under a pile of rubble of mass proportions, you'll know who McFly is. For those who enjoy hiding under rocks I'll do a quick summary; Mcfly, Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry. Lots of top 10 hits, many number 1's, two UK albums and 1 US album titled 'Just My Luck', named after the film they star in alongside Lindsay Lohan. Anyhow, McFly have a single out at the moment for Sport Relief, Double A-Side Please Please/Don't Stop Me Now, and although I don't like Sport Relief and don't think the former song is appropriate for charity, the Queen cover is quite good, so buy it, it's for charity.

Anyhow, I'm getting distracted. So, I've told you loads about my other top 3 artist Lily Allen, so the first person I'm here to talk about is Regina Spektor. Regina is a singer/songwriter pianist born in Moscow. She moved to The Bronx in New York with her family at age 9 and later became part of the anti-folk scene in New York's East Village. Her lyrics are a bit like fairy tales, drawing on characters from her imagination and other stories. What I like most about Regina's music is that it appears untouched, unprocessed by music producers. Her New York accent comes through strong in many songs, which contrasts nicely to sweet piano rifts in her songs, especially the slower ones. There are four of her albums out, although a couple are quite hard to find, 11:11, Songs, Soviet Kitsch and Begin To Hope. If your going to go out and buy one on a whim I'd say new album Begin To Hope, mainly because it's more accessible than the others. The best thing about Regina Spektor for me is that you keep on finding new favourite Regina songs, I just found about five!

Fidelity - Regina Spektor (Begin To Hope)

My second new artist is actually a new artist. He goes by the name of Paolo Nutini, as you may have guessed he's a little bit Italian, but hails from Paisley, Scotland. Paolo is a singer/songwriter and is 19 years old, upon hearing his music you may find that fact truly shocking. I, however, don't. You non-teenagers, think us teenagers are rubbish at everything (If I could write an eye roll I would). Apparently he likes listening to U2 but I won't hold it against him, he's also influenced by Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Damien Rice, so that's not completely awful. Considering Paolo's only had one album (released on Monday, of this week), he's quite accomplished - Paolo's been on BBC radio more than Sara Cox, and she works there. Anyhow, you should most certainly check Paolo out, his debut album as I mentioned is out now, titled 'These Streets' and if your in the neighborhood he's playing Nottingham Rescue Rooms on Saturday.

Last Request - Paolo Nutini (These Streets)

Links (Some Other Artists)

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