Monday, August 28

Favourite Things

I haven't written about the things I love for a while, well I don't think I have ever, properly anyway. So, I thought I would. It's just a mish mash of the things I'm loving at the moment old and new.


I bought Christina Aguilera's new album Back to Basics last week and I have to say she's still amazing. The album is two full CD's filled to the brim with wicked new songs, including her new song 'Ain't No Other Man'. I'm really loving this album, it hasn't left my stereo since I bought it! Christina is my favourite musical celebrity (my favourite overall celebrity is Drew Barrymore, as if you didn't know) and I hope she sticks around. Listening to this album also made me revisit her previous album 'Stripped', which is also amazing , because of this all I've really listened to in the past week is Chrisitna Aguilera. Possibly my favourite Christina song, ever, is 'Voice Within', so I thought I post the video.

I also got 'Albion' by Babyshambles, which I'm yet to properly listen to, but I know I like. I wasn't a really huge Libertines fan and I don't really like Dirty Pretty Things, so I'm guessing the thing that draws me to the music is Pete Doherty's voice. I am in no way going to join in the trashing of his lifestyle, those who wish to do so, why not go down to your local rehabilitation centre and trash talk a few of the other addicts as well, while your at it. i like his voice, I like some of his music and that's that.(The video Beg, Steal and Borrow performed on Jonathan Ross)


There's been a bit of hype on the internet, over a film that's coming out soon and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Firstly, let me say it's not 'Snakes On A Plane' and before you ask, no I don't know where all that hype came from. The film is 'The Last Kiss', it's another film starring Zach Braff, which probably means all this hype probably comes from all the people who loved Garden State (zillions of people) and Scrubs (there are a few). I don't know why I'm looking forward to seeing this film, but seeing the trailer makes me think it's my type of film. This could be the first film I go to see on my own at the cinema!

Update: I did not like this at all. So, much so it's not worth a review. It was incredibly boring and slow. I do not have high hopes for 'The OC' alumni, Rachel Bilson's acting was so very blah, samey and very much like her OC character Summer - minus the rage blackouts.

I've recently discovered that charity shops aren't just good for books, they're also good for buying new films. I've bought about 5 DVD's for under £7, which puts my £200 plus DVD collection to shame. I've also taken to buying video tapes of allsorts really; Huxley Pig and The Ragdolls. More recently I bought 'Amelie'. Now 'Amelie' is one those things that I have a memory attached to, not a huge memory, but I think the fact that I remember it, matters. A couple of years ago it came on tv, I think on Christmas day, along with another French film 'La Belleville Rendezvous'.I remember sitting on the armchair by the television with, as normal, really cold bare feet. I didn't want to get up and put socks on as I might've missed something, thus the next morning I had quite a bad cold. You probably think 'ok, what's your point?', well my point is that I don't remember that much detail unless it's something I really like. For example, the last time I watched 'Madeline' I was eating tomato quiche, at my Granma's house, in the back room. 'Amelie' is the type of film that puts a smile on your face and you watch it over an over again because you want that happy feeling, I should know I'm watching it now.

Random Favourites

I'm one of those girls who likes to burn candles. I just like the warmth they add to my room, it's a bonus if they smell nice. My current favourites are the 99p ones from Ikea, because they smell nice and the price is right, at the moment I have watermelon in my room, but I like them all. I also like the Lily Flame ones that they sell at The Tokenhouse, my favourites being Fresh Linen and Powder Puff, but at £6.99 the price is a little too high for them to be a regular purchase. I do feel it is essential to say that I HATE candles with things in, like dead flowers, oranges or shells. Things with other things in truly do annoy me.

I do, however, like pretty things to put my candels on or in and these glass babies are perfectly gorgeous. My favourite colours are amaretto, root beer, tomcat, Studio 54 and dolphin. The fact that I have five favourites means I really like these, a lot. They do, however cost a lot. $40 to be precise, £21.20 to be even more precise. That's a lot of money for people with jobs never mind me. Therefore, I am very happy with my Ikea Tindra candles.

What have I been enjoying the most recently? more than all these things? Junk food. I'm not even ashamed to admit it. I've had McDonalds, Pizza, Ice Cream, Fizzy Pop, Chocolate Cake and Chips! It was all scrummy. I have to say I'm not one of those people who feel guilty about having it, I just happen to know when to stop. People need to stop feeling guily about silly things such as food and start feeling it for more worthwhile things.

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