Monday, September 18

I'm Not Pregnant

1 MINUTE AGO: Re-reading my Breakfast.. post, spelling mistakes galore!
1 DAY AGO: Watching la tele
1 WEEK AGO: Sleeping
1 YEAR AGO: It was ANTM time in the evening, day was college.
I MISS: Normal eating habits. I've been craving marmite on pizza (?) and smoky bacon crisps.
I AM: not pregnant, contrary to my odd cravings.
Current mood: aiight, vibing innit. (lol)
Current Taste: nothingness
Current Hair: Up in a bun.
Current Annoyance: My room is a hot mess.
Current Smell: Dior Homme, I have a couple of samples.
Current thing I should be Doing: sleeping, I have to get up early.
Current favourite band: I've got No-Bizzi on my MySpace at the moment.
Current windows open: My pictures, Myspace, Popsugar, Blogger, Sainsbury's
Current Desktop Picture: Azure William Morris business
Current Favourite Show: Prison Break, shout at the tv fun.
Current Music:Oh My God - Lily Allen
Current Book: The Call of the weird - Louis Theroux
Current Movie In DVD player: About to put in Sisterhood...
Current CD in stereo: Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini - These Streets

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