Saturday, December 23

The Jig Is Up.

I've become an insomniac. I can't go on lying anymore. As soon as it turns 11 pm a strange feeling comes over me, I get the uncontrollable urge to watch something, anything vaguely entertaining. For the first few days I was happy to watch repeat after repeat of 'Pulling' and 'Two Pints..' but then I needed more. That was when I came across a website, a magical website full of fabulous Television shows and films. And, I believe I'm addicted. This week I've watched 'Sex and the City' (seasons 1 & 6), 'Prison Break', 'The OC' (season 4, which I have to say is better these days), 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Superman Returns', 'She's The Man' and 'Guess Who' I even getting prepping as I type to watch 'Office Space' and more O.C. The only thing that can remedy my guilt and embarrassment is if I tell you all about what I've watched, I need to unburden....

'The Devil Wears Prada'
Ok, so we all saw the trailers for this, didn't we. So this is going to be a super fast summary. A style challenged journalist, by the name of Andrea, ends up as the assistant to the revered and feared editor of the huge fashion magazine, Mode. But the once stylistically challenged Andy, becomes stylistically superior. As she becomes sucked into the world of the fashion elite, she finds herself distanced from her real friends. It's this that reminds Andy that perfect clothes don't make the perfect person.

Not as fast as I'd hoped, but anyway. Did I like this film? Well it's a film about a journalist, working in the fashion industry with lots of nice clothes. Seems like it was made for me, right? Well I thought that too at first, but by the end that idea had faded. Don't get me wrong the clothes were fabulous, Anne Hathaway was good, Adrien Grenier was hot, Meryl Streep is plain amazing anyway and even Gisele Bundchen was good. Nevertheless, it was a little cliche for me, from the seemingly heartless, bitchy boss with marriage problems to the gay guardian angel type character. It's not that it got boring, it just got predictable.

The two things that bugged me most were the boyfriend and the overall message. I'll start with the simplest, the boyfriend. Now this was supposed to be the man she'd known forever, who'd supported her and who she's crazy in love with. So why on Earth didn't he support her a little more? The amount of time I swore at him throughout the film was unbelievable . He just came across as being really selfish. Grr, it made me angry.

Right, so the main thing, the message/moral thing. It's not the message per se, I mean yes it's what's on the inside that truly counts in the long run. It's the fact that as a direct result of her caring about what she wore, Andy developed into a vapid person, but all of sudden when she's realised the error of her ways she goes back to dressing badly. I truly believe (and maybe you consider me vapid for saying this) but at some point, if not many points, in life appearance will matter , whether it's a first date or your first job interview. It will matter. It simply shows a weak person, if they let the way they look take over their life.

Goodness me, I didn't realise I found so much wrong with this film. You know what if you don't look too much into everything about this film, and take it for what it is a sort of romantic, subject comedy, it works, completely. It's about relationship (that's the romance). It's set in the fashion world (the subject). It's fun to watch and it's funny (that's the comedy). So it completely works. I suggest you go into it with an open mind, and just don't expect too much.

'Guess Who'
This film didn't do to well at the Box Office, to say it flopped is an understatement. However I love Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher, so i thought 'why not, it's 2am and I'm not going anywhere'. 'Guess Who' is a bit like the film it's based on, 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner', except Sidney Poitier is white, and the fiance isn't. In the end it's about acceptance, accepting people for who they are not what they are.

Did i mention I love Bernie Mac I think he's absolutely hilarious, so he pretty much made this film for me. Secondly I have a 'thing' for Ashton Kutcher, so that made it even better, hey that probably even made his character believable. What can I say it's an easy going romantic comedy. What you see is what you get. And what I saw was a really funny film.

'She's The Man'
Another easy going film, based on Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'. Surely we all know the story, it's a big messy love pentagon complete with mistaken identity. Now I'm not even going to try and save face by saying it's a silly teenybopper film, I laughed so hard that you probably heard me anyway. I'm a huge believer in teaching young people stuff in a way that applies to them. That's why I think adapting Shakespeare into fun, teenage films like '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Romeo + Juliet' and 'O' really encourages young people to really appreciate and enjoy literature.

This is a really fun film Amanda Bynes is a great comedy actress and the upcoming actor Channing Tatum is a twelve year old girls dream. But really if you want a laugh out loud easy-going film, this is it. Twelve or one hundred and twelve, give it a go.

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