Tuesday, January 16


UPDATE: Letter link is removed. Sorry can't find it again. But if you're interested take a look at a few pro-ana/pro-mia sites

I watched a program recently on Channel 4, and they read this letter. It just really shocked me, because so many girls are desperate to be thin that they're pushing themselves this far, it just makes me really sad.

I'm not in any way condemning anyone with an eating disorder, I do not understand what you are going through to the full extent. However, I personally, am affected by the perfect woman defined by Western culture and the perfect woman defined by Black culture. Nonetheless I have come to terms with the fact that It's impossible for me to fit in either; I won't be the stick thin girl of the west. On the other hand, the I'm not going to be dancing in a 50 Cent video any time soon. So, the idea of being so convinced that the way you are is not perfect, is completely beyond me, surely it's just common sense, I do not try to be anything but myself.

The wave of the 'thinspiration' girls in Hollywood like Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, for me is scary because girls of my age are desperate to look like them and it's obvious to the world that they aren't well. Pictures have surfaced of many of these girls with the trademark sores of cocaine addicts, Lindsay has been spotted with old food stuck in her teeth connecting to rumours of her bulimia and rumours have been circulating about many of these teen stars taking drugs like crystal meth, heroine and cocaine. Granted Nicole Richie's body was a bit chubby and her diet was awful, but she got to a point where she was amazing, she was healthy. And as much as it pains me to say, Lindsay Lohan was gorgeous with all her curves (fake or not) and red hair. Now they've just become the Hollywood stereotype skinny blonde, on all kinds of drugs. And that is what many teens of today are looking up to and dying to become.

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