Thursday, March 1

Drew's New Look.

So this news is a little late, my Internet is being all crazy-like, but I'm still posting it, if not simply to keep a note to get myself into town when this is launched.

We love the edgy style of Drew Barrymore and salute her womanly curves, as it seems, so does British designer, Giles Deacon who chose the actress to front his 'Gold by Giles' collection for British high street chain, New Look. The designer bagged the A-lister when a stylist pal of his bumped into the actress in a hotel lift and the deal was done. The 35 piece collection includes jeans, over sized sunglasses and vivid print tunics. "Despite her Hollywood associations, she is ballsy and has a playful 'child-woman' appeal," says Deacon. Adds a New Look representative: "She always looks like she's having a good time." We couldn't agree more. The line launches in Europe on March 13.

OK, I know she didn't design it, but I love Drew (I don't think I can say that enough)and I love Giles' funkified designs, so I'll definitely be checking this collection out!


  1. WHAAAAT...Drew for 'New Look'?

    I can't believe it. How did they bag her? The clothes are ok and the shoes are fabulously cheap....I don't get it.

    Well done to 'New Look' for bagging an A Lister. I know Kelly Brook designs the bikini's but she is hardly A List.

  2. I know I was suprise - it's a bit random.
    I'm not a huge fan of New Look either, but I'll definitely check this line out.


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