Thursday, March 15

The Musical Stylings of Kate Nash.

I've mentioned to quite a few people that I'm a bit sick of 'new' music these days, (hearing the new Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party songs didn't help) I say new in inverted commas as it's hardly new, it's just the same old artists with new albums - it's like it's 2004 again (I even heard Uggs are back in fashion.

Due to the recent lull in the music industry, I've had the same few artists on repeat; Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Mirah, and Amy Winehouse. The only one you probably haven't heard me talk about much from that list is Kate Nash, so allow me to tell you a little bit about her.

Kate Nash is a 19 year musician from North Harrow, London. Not only does she sing, but she writes her own songs, plays piano, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion and synth. Kate's music is fantastical mix of witty, yet sweet lyrics, tinkly electric keyboards, guitar and synthesised Hip-Hop beats.

Nevertheless, the fact that Kate is still with us is a matter of fate (that rhymed!). Previously an aspiring actress, Kate had attended an audition at the Old Vic Theatre, only to be rejected. So she drowned her sorrows by watching 'Brokeback Mountain' at her local cinema. If not adding to her horrible day she fell down a set of stairs and broke her foot. OK, I exaggerated figuratively speaking she didn't almost die, but the music industry almost lost a rising star. Anyhow, her parents bought her a guitar to numb the pain and whilst in bed for three weeks she wrote and recorded songs on her laptop.

Her single Carolines A Victim/Birds came out in the UK on February 5th, which obviously means you can buy it now (unless you don't live in the UK, which means you can't), she also doing a tour of small venues around England, check out her Myspace page for more details.Word is she's working on her debut album as I type, so keep your ear out for the musical stylings of Kate Nash.

Caroline's A Victim (Official Video)

Merry Happy (Fan Vid)

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