Wednesday, April 11

Chocolate Bunny Doo-Dah

1 MINUTE AGO: Dancing to my Internal Jukebox song 'Faster Kill Pussycat'
1 DAY AGO: I was playing with Odaro and Imade
1 WEEK AGO: I was at home doing the same
1 YEAR AGO: Probably in Sociology, messing about with Sunny.
I MISS: Nothing springs to mind.
I AM: slightly ill. I still have a sore throat.
Current mood: I'm in a dancing mood.
Current Taste: Lindt Chocolate bunny doo-dah.
Current Hair: It's still a hot mess.
Current Annoyance: My sore throat obviously. And I have way too many clothes.
Current Smell: Clean clothes.
Current thing I should be Doing: Hanging washing on the line.
Current favourite band: I've been listening to a lot of Cyndi Lauper recently.
Current windows open: Itunes, Fabsugar, Blogger, You Tube and My Pictures folder.
Current Desktop Picture: It's a nice furry leopard print.
Current Favourite Show: I've been watching 'QI' and 'Family Guy' a lot recently.
Current Music: 'I Need Love' - Sam Phillips
Current Book: According to thing in my toolbar it's 'Half Life Of Stars', but it's in fact under a huge pile of shoes right now.
Current Movie In DVD player: Clueless, which I didn't finish watching, because I fell asleep.
Current CD in stereo: A Strokes CD, that came free with The Guardian.

Sam Phillips - I Need Love


  1. Yikes, I read Sociology as Scientology at first. Spending too much time reading celeb gossip... :P

  2. Lol, Jen I think so.
    Although, we were doing about religion at the time. So it might've been the lesson we talked about Scientology. :)


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