Tuesday, April 17

My Style Icons. - Kelis

Part Three - Ghetto Fabulous Goddess

No need to explain. I think you get the gist of what I'm doing here. Although, this months 'Icon' actually inspired part of my day to day appearance. Aah, interested? Read on.

Kelis (born 21 August 1979) is a twice Grammy Award-nominated American singer and songwriter. She is married to rapper Nas. She has sold over one million copies of her albums worldwide.

Kelis is probably better known for her 'fashion faux-pas' than her stylistic aptitude, from the bright colours, Grillz and the plain bizarre, she's is not your average style icon. But I love a girl who has the confidence to take risks.

In terms of style she's better known for being one of designer Matthew Williamson's good friends and muses. Not only did he design her (in my opinion) gorgeous green chiffon wedding dress, but she's also always a regular fixture at any fashion show or party he hosts, always turning up in the most fun and funky clothes.

Nevertheless, Kelis wouldn't be Kelis without one thing, the 'piece de resistance' of her look. The hair. Does she change her hair to match the outfit? or does she change the outfit to math her hair? Does it matter? Not really, no. Kelis' ever changing hairstyles act as the best accessory. the cherry on the top of a Tutti- Fruiti ice-cream sundae. Her hair in the 'Trick Me' video even inspired me to change my hairstyle for the first time in 6 years!


  1. That's great! I need inspiration to change mine too, or I'd just sit around with the same hair forever. :P

  2. I like her too....she does not conform and is not afraid to take risks

  3. Me too Jen I get so lazy with my hair , but I always love new styles.
    That's exactly what I love about her Fashion critic. :)

  4. Ghetto Fabulous is right. I adore Kelis! I love how she looks great in all her different styles.... casual, glam, hip hip, retro, etc...
    One of my favorite things about Kelis is her confidence, she wears it well.


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