Saturday, May 5

Film Soundtracks Worth A Listen - Part Two.

I've been awfully busy for the past few weeks not doing anything in particular - Job hunting, reading, shopping, etc. And before I knew it, it was May (is just me or did April just fly by?) and time for me to get back to posting the second part of my new regular post. So, disregard how close this post and the last post are to each other, and without further ado I'll get on with my posting.

Stealing Beauty is a 1996 Italian/French/British film written and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film stars Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune), Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love), Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardner) and a young Liv Tyler (Lord of The Rings).

The plot surrounds American teenager Lucy Harmon (Liv), who travels to Tuscany , after the suicide of her mother. Staying with her mother's old friends Lucy meets a few eccentric characters including a sculptor, an advice columnist, a playwright and a lawyer. Although she has other ulterior motives, Lucy chooses Tuscany to be the place where she loses her virginity, much to the interest of the entire household.

Stealing Beauty was marketed with tagline "The most beautiful place to be is in love" and I have to say the music definitely fits in with that. Filled with dreamy, lazy songs that bring back memories of the best summer days you ever had (and never had). It's a bit like one of those Ibiza Chillout albums that come out in late August every year, but this one's actually good.

With a mix of genres including; Indie Rock, Motown, Jazz and Dance, technically speaking it shouldn't work. However, every song is laced with a little funk, a little cool and the hint of a Summer's evening. All of which makes you feel like your lying under the Tuscan sun next to Liv.

Link to Stealing Beauty Spotify Playlist.

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  1. Adding it to the queue, thanks!! And, April really flew by for me too. Where does the time go...?


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