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Favourite Things 2008

(I really am rubbish with titles)

Do you remember a while back I did a blog and told you a few of my favourite things? (am I the only one that can't say that without singing the song) Well, I thought I'd do it again seeing as I'm a whole two years older and in a completely different place in my life (talk about clich├ęs) - let's see how much I've changed.


Possibly one of my most recent favourite artists is Rosie Thomas. Rosie is a singer-songwriter from Seattle. Her folksy music was recently popularised by being featured in shows like "One Tree Hill" (which nobody watches) and Grey's Anatomy (my mum watches that). She currently has four albums out at the moment, my favourite being 'These Friends of Mine', but every single one is worth a listen.

Rosie Thomas - Pretty Dress

I've recently had quite a few songs firmly lodged into my head (interesting imagery there). The first one is 'Baby, baby, baby' by Joss Stone which I already featured in my Internal Jukebox column that week when I stopped disliking Joss (for about 2 days), the second is 'No One' by Alicia Keys which I also featured in IJ (for ages) and is from her amazing new album 'As I Am' and the third is 'Chasing Pavements' by Adele (whose name I keep forgetting), she is apparently tipped to be the next big thing ... along with Amy someone else-not Winehouse and Stuffy, Puffy or Duffy who was on Jools' Annual Hootenanny. Anyhow, I digress Adele (yes, I had to look up and check)is supposed to be the new Amy Winehouse - which must be incredibly depressing for the real Amy Winehouse, she's not exactly past-it is she? - Although, her voice kinda sounds like a mix of Alison Moyet and Amy Winehouse, in my opinion. Her current single 'Chasing Pavements' is one of those songs you sing out of nowhere whilst sat on the bus, and believe me I definitely got some funny looks whilst travelling over the holidays.

Adele - Chasing Pavements

Films & TV

There are a lot of films that I have on my list to see at the moment but quite possibly top of the list is "Juno" starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera and Jennifer Garner among others. 'Juno' follows the story of teenager Juno (surprisingly) who finds out she is pregnant and makes an unusual choice regarding her child's life. Now, some really silly person thought it'd be funny to release this film everywhere else but the UK until February, so if you live somewhere other than the UK and you've seen this film already, I'm sorry, we can no longer be friends - I mean you can keep reading and stuff, but you can't enjoy it because, you know, we aren't friends. Juno will be in UK cinemas 8th February 2008.

"Juno" trailer (Fox Searchlight)

Do want to hear my opinion on something? No, well you're going to hear it anyway. I think the world is full of silly people who think it's really funny and clever to release stuff really early in other places and then make the UK wait about a year to get to see these things. Obviously "Juno" was my first example of said tomfoolery (I couldn't resist), my second is highly popular, highly anticipated (by me) US television series "Gossip Girl", starring Blake Lively (The tall blonde one that isn't Ugly Betty, Rory Gilmore or that other one in Sisterhood), Penn Badgely (The Other Tucker, the hotter one too in my opinion) and Ed Westwick (who like many British actors was in Casualty once). "Gossip Girl" follows the turbulent lives of a group of privileged teenagers living in New York's Upper East Side. The show follows the power struggle between best-frenemies 'Queen Bee' Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and newly returned 'wild child' Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Now I know that this show is brillo, so the fact that it's being shown on ITV2 (aka the channel nobody watches unless Katy Brand is on or that one with Billie Piper in her underwear) is completely confusing - come on channel 4 step up your game, you ram crap like Big Brother, Hollyoaks and One Tree Hill down our throats weekly and yet you can't buy something that's halfway decent?!? Rant, over. "Gossip Girls" airs Winter 2008 in the UK, on ITV2 which is channel something on freeview, something else on Sky and something else on Virgin.

Gossip Girl

General Favourites

Firstly, I'd like to say this favourite is related to absolutely nothing. But, my blog, my rules. (How many years older did I say I was?). Let's just call this favourite, a tribute. So, my (I won't say current because I've ♥'d him forever) favourite general thing is Josh Hartnett.

Josh is a 29 year old American Actor possibly most famous for his roles in "Pearl Harbor" and "Virgin Suicides". Although he works a lot in Hollywood Josh lives in his hometown of Minnesota to stay grounded, he's also a vegetarian - I thought I'd put that because well, I'm a vegetarian he's a vegetarian. We have a lot in common. At the moment you can see Josh in "30 Days of Night", or if you fancy a night in with Josh (couldn't resist pt.2) why not rent "Lucky Number Slevin".

Something else I've loved forever is painting my nails. There's something therapeutic and fun about the process of painting your nails. I think years of going to school and work and not being able to wear brightly coloured nail polish has made me rebel by wearing, what would normally be considered vile, vibrant colours. In looking for these vibrant colours in shops, I have found my soul mate in Barry M, I don't know who he is (I don't even know if he's real - like Mr.Kipling or Captain Bird's Eye), but I officially love him and his blindingly fabulous palette of nail polishes. I currently own black, red wine, red black, baby pink, yellow, red glitter, shocking pink, neon green ... I think you get what I'm saying. Painting your nails is the easiest way to express yourself, without looking like a crazy, I'm sorry, eccentric person.

You might (or might not) know that I've left home and am living in halls at the moment which means I have to cook for myself. Now, some people in my situation would go into panic mode and stock up on ready meals but not me (so true in fact that I had to join the gym). I've had tuna steaks, stir fry, homemade cookies, lasagne and today I had spinach, cheese and mushroom omelette, which was scrummy! At least that's one thing that hasn't changed from last year - I still like food!

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