Saturday, January 12

Film Soundtracks Worth A Listen - Part Three

Goodness me, it's been an age since I last did this post. It is, however, my favourite post to do as it combines my love of films and music (sidenote: find a way of combining music, films and fashion in one post). Believe it or not it was a lot more difficult this time round; the first time was easy because it was a result of a conversation and the second post was a result of me completely obsessed with the soundtrack for that film. This time round, however, I really wanted to do a soundtrack you really might not of heard, that had a variation of music genres and that wasn't completely obvious. In doing that I ruled out 'Garden State', Romeo + Juliet' and 'Almost Famous'. Thus, I had a long hard think and came up with one of my favourite, 'lesser known', films - 'Me Without You'.

'Me Without You' is a 2001 British Film following the turbulent relationship between two best friends, Marina and Holly. The film spans four decades, beginning when the friends are in their early teens and charts the volatile and often controlling friendship between them. 'Me Without You' stars Anna Friel ('Brookside' & 'Pushing Daisies') as the self-obsessed, drama queen Marina and Michelle Williams ('Dawson's Creek' & 'Brokeback Mountain') as mousy, submissive Holly. The film also stars Trudie Styler, as Marina's mother and Kyle McLachlan as the girl's university lecturer.

As you can imagine with a film that spans such a large timeline the soundtrack is pretty varied featuring artists like; Sonny & Cher, Super Furry Animals, Depeche Mode and The Clash. Although, as most of the important moments of the film occur in the 1980's, music from this decade is a bigger feature on the soundtrack. What I really love about this album is that you can really listen to it anytime; whilst hanging around the house on the weekend, when having a night with friends or if you getting ready to go out. All the songs are either really upbeat, danceable or just generally funkified - you can have it on the background and listen without the sound becoming jarring. Every song is a good one, no song skipping here!

Link to 'Me Without You' Spotify Playlist

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