Thursday, February 14

Things To Fall In Love With.

It's Valentine's Day! Aren't you feeling all warm and fuzzy? No, Oh well alright then. If you like me you're all single and only intend to spend the night with your TV (The Notebook is on Film 4 at 9 tonight, for all the lonely laydees, or men), you probably haven't received absolutely nothing in the post today. But you know what I say why wait for someone else to buy you something, when you can just as easily go out and buy something for yourself - the added bonus of this, is that you'll have no romantic attachments and if the relationship turns sour you don't have to give something you really love back. Awesome, lets get started shall we?



We had three or four gorgeous days of sunshine in which my friend insisted it was summer, I constantly demanded we went to the park and we started wearing our wayfarers again. But, just like love sometimes, the sunny days were fleeting and I'm back in my wooly jumper and the heating is on. Unlike love however, we can guarentee that the sun will is always around and will be back stronger than ever (get me with all the imagery!). Thus it is never too early to invest in one or two (or 10, like my mum) pairs of sunglasses.

There are quite a few big (pun intended) sunglasses trends at the moment - It's not like it's winter or anything - ranging from rose-tinted hearts, round frames and my least favourite, white. Here are a few of my faves;

(Top and Bottom Rows; 80's Purple. Middle Row; GirlProps.)


Summer Dresses

"What's there is a spoiled little princess wearing a strategically planned sundress that makes guys like us realize we can never touch her and guys like Joey realize they want to."

(I adored Larisa Oleynik's clothes in this film btw) Continuing with the summery theme so far. As afore mentioned, I have been in a summery mood this week due to the weather. Not only have I been wearing sunglasses, but I've also been shopping for summer dresses, and interestingly enough bikini's (I haven't worn a bikini since I was about 15). I was lucky enough to go to a vintage fair at my Student Union and managed to pick a couple of things, including; a gorgeous cream cotton dress, a tropical print wrap and a bargainous £2 handbag with more hidden pockets than Inspector Gadget.

The best thing about summer dresses is that just because their name suggests they are simply for summer, if your a master of layering (like me) you can wear them now whilst it's still a little chilly. Although it's unlikely you could get something as cute as my dresses, due to current dress trends including prints like checks, gingham , spots and florals and adormements like stars, bows, brooches and more flowers you cn pick up something vintage inspired really easily, although nothings better than picking up something really unique in a vintage store.

(Top Row; Topshop. Bottom Row; Miss Selfridge.)



Isn't it just. Maybe this pick is for the same reason as the previous two, it's warm-ish and sunny, so I've got the sudden urge to drag a deckchair onto a patch of grass and lounge with a tall glass of something cold in one hand and a big, thick book in the other. Coincidentally I still have a pile of books left over from last summer that I'm yet to read, but that's not the point - I want new ones! Anyhow, I have a very interesting book borrowing/buying habit; I buy/borrow about five or six books, read the first few pages of them all and then only finish one (or two depending on the number I bought), so I need a new stack.

Now I'm not Richard, Judy or Orprah, fact. So I couldn't tell you which new releases are good, bad or selling lots. I couldn't even tell you what the new releases are. What I can tell you is the titles of a books I have enjoyed or intend to enjoy this summer (in my new house!!).

Recomended by Me

Recommended by Others


Primping and Preening

Whether you are in a relationship or not, nobody can deny that when you feel good about yourself it really doesn't matter. Case in point; Yesterday I painted my nails in a powdery pink polish (by Mr B.M). This morning I woke up and had a shower using my pink, sparkly, candy floss scented shower gel. Sprayed myself with my favourite perfume. Got dressed in my favourite jeans and knitted top. Then I used my favourite chocolate scented and flavoured lipgloss. And although I didn't make a huge amount of effort I felt amazing knowing I looked good and moreover, felt comfortable.

There are so many gorgeous toiletries in shops these days. It used to be that you could only get the normal lavender/rose/vanilla etc scented things packed with allsorts of artificial ingredients, but these days you can get absolutely any smell (or taste) all made with veggie or natural ingredients.

Shower Gel

(Passion Fruit Shower Gel, Body Shop. Laughter Body Wash, Space NK. Happy Hippy Shower Gel, Lush.)


(Clinique Happy Heart Perfume, Boots. Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette, Body Shop. Seduction Eau De Toilette, Space NK. Keep It Fluffy Perfume, Never2Busy2BBeautiful.)

Lip Gloss

(From Top. Urban Decay Big Fatty Lip Plumper, Boots. Benefit California Kissin', Benefit. DuWop Pink Shimmer Lip Venom, DuWop. Bebe Lip Gloss, Never2Busy2BBeautiful.)


So, that's it a few things for your favourite valentine, yourself. Whether going out on a date or staying in by yourself, I hope you have an amazingly lovely Valentine's. Have fun treating yourself. And if it helps, I love you. ♥

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