Saturday, March 8

Waiting For The Rain

1 MINUTE AGO: Singing and blowing my nose. Not at the same time.
1 DAY AGO: Reading a book trying not to fall asleep.
1 WEEK AGO: In Nottingham, hanging around.
1 YEAR AGO: Looking for a job.
I MISS: My Brown Hawaii skirt still actually. In fact all my clothes.
I AM: attempting to sing along to Adele.
Current mood: demotivated
Current Music: Adele - Daydreamer
Current Taste: Nothing, woke up a couple of hours ago.
Current Hair: It's in a plait.
Current Annoyance: I have a report to write, which really annoys me.
Current Smell: I can't be sure but a mix of Vix, Ribena and fresh air.
Current thing I should be Doing: Report Writing.
Current favourite band: I've been going slightly over the top with 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police.
Current windows open: Blogger, Songza, Youtube, Popsugar.
Current Desktop Picture: Apple Safari backround - Tiger print.
Current Favourite Show: I'm slightly addicted to 'The Class' repeats. And of course the terrible 'Vanity Lair'.
Current Book: Just Finished 'Innocence' by Kathleen Tessaro (that may not be her name)
Current Movie In DVD player: Sixteen Candles. Have I mentioned I love Molly Ringwald?

The Police - Every Breath You Take


  1. hey chica,

    how are you?

    xxx JK Boogie

  2. Hey Boogie,
    Long time no speak.
    I'm alright thanks, if not a bit stressed - trying to write essays and sort out a placement somewhere at the moment.
    How's everything with you?


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