Sunday, April 27

In Short., A Happy Little Fusion.....

You would not believe the amount of drafts I have on here, it's crazy. Because there are so many I thought I'd collate them all together in the style of an extended edition of a film, the bits that are really good but didn't really fit, they might not even fit here but lets give it a go shall we?.....

* On Naomi Campbell's Community Service; Not since Winona Ryder's court hearing has criminal activity been this chic.

* I'm a Mardy Arse; Now, I'm not really a big moaner, but (don't worry I'm not going to rant) when it comes to the celebrities I dislike, I tend to let loose; "Kirsten Dunst this, Lindsay Lohan that, Joss Stone who, Meg Ryan what" and so on and so forth. I spend so much time bitchin' (yes, 'bitchin', no 'g'), that I rarely get to talk about the celebrities I like.

* On Drew Barrymore; Anyone who knows me well, knows I love Drew. I mean really what's not to love? She's like a ray of sunshine.

* I'm Constantly in Love; 1 YEAR AGO: Wallowing a bit, possibly thinking about the boy I quite seriously decided was 'The One'.

* On Sport Relief; I'm feeling extremely guilty for thinking Sport Relief is a bit boring (for some reason it is, but comic relief isn't. Why?). Maybe it's the suggestion I should be doing exercise.

* Rave It Up; I'm feeling like getting all neon, body painted up so I can go a-raving (the hotness that be Mitch Hewer and Joe 'he's from Notts y'know' Dempsie of Skins fame were on Lily Allen and Friends today).

* Lonely, Emo Raver; I'm sat in front of my computer wearing my pyjamas and a pair of platforms. No kinky connotations there, I'm wearing my platforms due to the aforementioned wish to 'rave it up' and I'm in my pyjamas because everyone has gone home for Easter so I'm a lonely raver (presumably that makes me emo, or something).

* Don't Make Me Get Old Skool; So, in the words of Kenan and Kel, awww Here Goes!

* Happiness is Chloe Sevigny Designing; A bajillion celebrities have been approached to do clothing lines (or thought I can't get a job, I know I'll be a designer *ahem* Rachel Bilson) and nobody thought up until recently to give Chloe a call, seriously, Amanda Bynes had [a clothing line] before she did.

* On Celebrity Clothing Lines; But what makes me a little happy is when a celebrity with a unique style that hasn't been given to them by a stylist works with a brand and creates a happy little fusion of a clothing line.

* On Film Taglines; Before I say anything else, I'm starting to think I'm the only person who pays any attention to taglines, is it just me or are they all a bit rubbish?

* Subliminal Blog Messages; I keep looking at my blog looking all abandoned, out-dated and forlorn. And somehow it convinced me to write something.

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