Thursday, May 29

Guilty Pleasures, Part I: The Popstrels

I generally think I have decent taste in music, I mean I like some obscure indie/electro-pop music, that makes me cool right, right? Seriously, I like allsorts of different types of music, I will honestly listen to anything (mostly) and I'm not really the type to judge a person by the type of music they like, but even I have a few songs that I will hide when they show up on my Ipod. In fact I have so many that I thought I'd make a little blog series out of them, so here we go my Guilty Pleasure songs, part one...

Guilty Pleasures; The Popstrels

Lindsay Lohan - Over
At no point in my life have I ever liked Lindsay Lohan, at points I may have pitied her or envied an item of clothing she has owned, but, I repeat I have never liked Lindsay Lohan. Although, there was a point where I admittedly had a bit of girl crush on her. It was during that time when she had the really deep red hair and wore nice clothes. If she'd have stayed like that the tabloids would've been speculating whether I was her girlfriend, not Samantha Ronson. Around the same time she realeased an album, which you'd be fogiven to not be aware of (she was dropped by her UK label for not promoting it), it was mostly crap but there was one song that I actually quite liked. 'Over' is quite an angsty, rocky little teen pop song. And the video takes me back to when I quite fancied Lilo.

Billie Piper - Girlfriend
I ashamedly admit I still love most of Billie Piper's songs, the only problem I had here was picking one to put in this blog. This one in particular reminded me of when I was at primary school and one of my friends sang the chorus to a boy, which was both incredibly funny and incredibly sad. It's also funny to see how little Billie Piper has changed - she was around 16 at this time, she must be mid-twenties now and she looks exactly the same (albeit with a better sense of style).

Aly and AJ - Potential Breakup Song
Alright, so this one is relatively new - relatively meaning I think it came out like a couple of months ago I think. I always think I should've accepted my place and drama school, just so I could work for Disney Channel. I know what you're thinking 'random tangent', but actually I have a point Disney seem to give anyone who works for them a record contract eg Lilo, Hilary Duff, Raven Symone and now Aly and AJ. I wanted to hate this song, I tried so hard but it's really catchy. It's the sort of sing you sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush and your best pouty face. I don't do that anymore, I mean I used to, but not now...whatever.

Holly Valance - Naughty Girl
I don't like Holly Valance (or Flick off of Neighbours, as I still call her), I remember she trash talked the UK for not buying her crappy music and then left for Hollywood to be star. Granted she was in 'Prison Break' (which if anything made me dislike her more - 'Get off my Wentworth, you hussy'), but that plan didn't quite work out. I do absolutely love this particular song, so much so that I don't even think I'm embarrases that I love it. I like it that much. I also really like the idea of the video, although obviously it'd be better without Holly. I love this song so much that I feel I've reached some sort of musical Nirvana, as I'm able to look past the fact it's a Holly Valance song and still really enjoy. Yeah, I'm deep like that. (If only I could do the same with Kiki Dunst films).

Atomic Kitten - Last Goodbye
I never really liked Atomic Kitten, I didn't dislike them in Holly Valance or Girls Aloud proportions, I was just a bit indifferent - they were never really that interesting a group. They did, however, release two decent songs around the time they decided to stop 'making' music. One I quite like the other I sort of loved. I think 'Last Goodbye' defines what pop music is for me; light, cute and catchy.

Hilary Duff - Come Clean
I'm sorry but Hilary Duff can not sing, whatsoever. She doesn't sound like she can sing after they've done all the digital stuff, so I can't imagine what she sounds like in real life - although we probably won't I'm pretty sure she mimes (Which actually bugged me in regards to the whole Ashlee Simpson miming saga, we've heard her live - she's ok). I think her crappy voice actually lend itself well to this song, as it's the kind of song you turn on whilst driving and sing really loud knowing full well you can't sing, but that's ok because Hilary can't either. Also anyone who watched Laguna Beach will, like me, probably link it to sunny beaches and hot surfer boys (ahem, Trey anyone?) so lie back and enjoy.

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