Monday, June 23

Negativity Breeds ________ or _________ Breeds Negativity

Any idea what that something is? Anyhoo, I'm passionate about the music I like and I'm very much attached to the artists I like. So much so in fact, that I take great offence when someone insults an artist I like. It's a bit like when someone insults your mum (although, obviously not as serious and offensive, Mum) - it's ok for you to insult them - it's your mum - but if anyone else does it's just wrong.

I found this on Last Fm (courtesy of my friend acertainpain), and going by the popular phrase 'nobody's perfect', I attempted to pick out my top 20 artists (although not my top 20 favourite artists) imperfections.

1. Regina Spektor: Sometimes the really quirky songs go completely over my head.

2. McFly: Sometimes the songs they release are good, cheesy or sweet, sometimes they are cheesy, pop crap, or depressing - not deep (see 'Wonderland'.

3. Amy Winehouse: I think she should go back to the state of mind she was in during the time of recording 'Frank', because although I do like 'Back To Black', I like 'Frank' infinite amounts more.

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4. John Mayer: He has terrible taste in girlfriends. Not even in a jokey 'yeah, they aren't me' way. He seriously has crappy taste in women for such a, seemingly, intelligent man.

5. Mariah Carey: Her albums tend to be a lot of amazing singles, with a load of not so good filler songs. Which is why I think she has so many Greatest Hits CD's - that's how she affords what is basically a seperate flat for her clothing.

6. Christina Aguilera: I always wonder what she'd sound like if she simplified her sound (not like 'Back To Basics'), by stopping with the hand waves and vocal gymnastics (oh, and the growth of makeup on her face). I also hate her hair.

7. Britney Spears: Where do I start? Firstly, she needs to be locked in a room at rehab for a decent amount of time - with no special treatment. Then we should send Ken Paves her way to get her hair did. Also, I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe she should employ Rachel Zoe, its not like she can make her look worse. I don't think her music is a problem her last album 'Breakdown', 'Breakout' or whatever was alright.

8. Madonna: I think she should go home now and put some clothes on. Stop trying to be controversial, stop trying to change her image and stop with the scary muscle building excercises. I haven't liked an album of hers since 'Ray of Light'

9. Kanye West: I'd say maybe he should stop with the public temper tantrums, it's unbecoming.

10. Lily Allen: I generally think, she thinks that her music is better than it is. I mean, I like it but it's barely groundbreaking.

11. Jason Mraz: I don't think I know enough about him to insult him. Maybe that comment is negative in itself. He releases stuff and tours in the UK doesn't he?

12. Joshua Radin: I think it'd be the same comment as Jason Mraz, except I know less about him.

13. Nelly Furtado: She's currently sharing space with JT under Timbaland's thumb, which is sad because I loved her folksy music.

14. Norah Jones: I can serparate about four songs the rest I'd have to really be on my game to be able to differentiate.

15. Jem: Who? Seriously what happened to Jem? I'm also a little shocked that I play her this much.

16. Paolo Nutini: He hasn't asked me to marry him yet, and I'm getting impatient.

17. Rihanna: Hmmm. Her songs are so catchy that I want to throw heavy objects at her. She can not sing live. Also the whole 'I'm 18 now, I don't have to wear clothes anymore, right?' situation. Finally, She obviously made her stylist mad, because the girl looks like she should be a member of the Village People.

18. Kelis: I love most of her singles, but some of the album tracks are a little forgettable for me.

19. Lauryn Hill: She realeased an amazing debut album (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill) and then she did absolutely nothing after that.

20. Feist: I like a lot of her upbeat songs and a lot of the slower ones, but the ones that are sort of in the middle are lost on me.


  1. Todo el mundo sabe cómo es un partido de tenis entre dos personas. ¿Pero cómo sería un partido de tenis entre una persona?

  2. An interesting list! Even more interesting were the comments. If you compiled this list monthly would it change? Is your mood a determining factor?

  3. Would what change, my comments or the artists? I think one would change more than the other, that being the artists - If you have a Last FM, you'll know how often the top 20 can change.

    I'd like to think my comments would pretty much the same or a little harder to think of, in the sense that my favourite artists haven't made a drastic change to their music that I don't like, or that they've improved the music/lifestyle so much so that I can't think of anything negative to say.


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