Sunday, August 10

I'm considering hippy-dom.

Ben Harris Roxas on Flickr.

1 MINUTE AGO: Eating Cheerios for breakfast, or brunch I suppose.
1 DAY AGO: On a train on the way home.
1 WEEK AGO: I think I was doing the exact same thing, on a train going home.
1 YEAR AGO: Counting down the days until I finished at Boots.
I MISS: My relationship status not being in this crazy limbo. (sort-of single, but kinda not, but I am, for the record)
I AM: Giggling at misspelled words. I missed a letter in 'counting' and it looked quite rude.
Current mood: Needing to escape.
Current Music: Lauryn Hill - Mystery of Iniquity
Current Taste: Cheerios aftertaste.
Current Hair: It's a mess, I'm considering hippy-dom as an explanation..
Current Annoyance: The lack of simplicity of my issues/problems, or at least the fact I can't see the simplicity in them.
Current Smell: I can smell toast.
Current thing I should be Doing: Nothing, absolutely nothing. That makes me happy.
Current favourite band/artist: I just discovered Amos Lee on I've also been loving ABBA after seeing Mamma Mia.
Current windows open: Blogger, Facebook and Itunes
Current Desktop Picture: It's pretty one with cut out hearts. I can't really describe it, but it's nice.
Current Favourite Show: 'Mock The Week', 'Jack Dee Live at the Apollo' and of course Mr. Gok Wan.
Current Book: Shopgirl by Steve Martin
Current Movie In DVD player: I have no idea actually, I think it might be Pretty in Pink, but I could be wrong.

Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor (Because I can't find the live video of 'Mystery of Iniquity')

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