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Getting To Know You ...

I have a new top 10 on Last Fm at last, it's not really completely new but it's varied and all shuffled, mostly thanks to my desperate attempts to get Madonna out of my top 10 for no other reason than I was sick of seeing her face on my profile. This is all about how how I got into my current Top 10. Anyway, I wanted to share the happiness, and I wanted another post with lots of pretty pictures.

Regina Spektor.

I think it was around the time I fell in love with Lily Allen (when nobody knew who she was before she released 'Alright, Still') someone commented on her Myspace that Lily would quite like Regina. To which I thought 'what's good enough for Lily is good enough for me'. I discovered 'Fidelity' first and then slowly every single song I could get my hands on. I think I could credit Regina with making my listening tastes vary around that time (or perhaps inadvertently Lily, I did also discover 'The Bird and Bee' through her page) as I discovered a lot more artists through including Jenny Owen Youngs. Through listening to 'Samson' and 'Braille' an obscene amount of times I think I've fallen in love with her, hence her top spot.

Favourite Song: 'Braille' or 'Hotel Song'.
Would Recommend: 'Fidelity' or 'On The Radio', to ease you in.

Amy Winehouse.

Forever ago there was an episode of 'The Lick with Trevor Nelson' (eugh, I miss having proper satellite TV) profiling 'Frank' when it first came out (possibly around the time she was nominated for The Mercury Prize first time round). I really liked 'Stronger Than Me', but then I heard 'Fuck Me Pumps' and it was love. Her lyrics have that wit and wisdom that wish a lot more female artists had. Not a bad voice either.

Favourite Song: 'You Sent Me Flying'
Would Recommend: Everyone loves 'Rehab' don't they? Or for a 'Frank' song try 'Help Yourself'.

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I'll be honest here. I saw Dougie and was hit by the teen crush love bug (as you can probably tell by my choice of picture - it isn't artsy or interesting like the others). I really, really fancied Dougie, really (now, seeing as I'm being honest, I quite fancy them all). It helps that their songs are incredibly infectious, they always have/had fun on those really cheesy children's programmes, they don't care that you think they aren't very cool or just another boyband, they play their own instruments and write their own songs. Which, again if I'm being honest makes me fancy them even more. So, how did I get into McFly? Mostly for the reason that I'd quite like Dougie to be into me.

John Mayer.

It may irritate me, but it was through him dating Jessica Simpson. Which if anything goes to show that high profile dating in Hollywood is good PR. I am a Celebrity Gossip Fiend (it's in capitals because it's an actual clinical disorder. Ok, it's not really stop googling.) and all the gossip blogs I read described him as being a singer, a singer I had never heard of so I went and investigated. This is when I heard 'Your Body is a Wonderland' and wished he'd written it about me (except the parts where he's describing a blonde woman), at the same time I discovered he had the same birthday as me (October 16th) which meant, like Angela Lansbury before him, I loved him for being conveniently born on the same day as me. Perfectly logical. I also liked that some of his lyrics seem sort of pro-change, but not overly political, but with a message (does that make sense?) - see 'Waiting on the World To Change'. I think it's quite cool that before late 2006/early 2007 I didn't have a clue he was now he's one of my favourite artists.

Favourite: Gravity

Mariah Carey.

The embarrassing truth (embarrassing because I'm not ashamed at all but probably should be) is that I secretly wanted to be Mariah Carey, or at least know her - I even dreamt that I was the little dancing girl in the 'Fantasy' video. I honestly can't explain when and how I got into Mimi, I have no idea, all I know is that I love her.

Favourite: 'Dreamlover'
Would Recommend: The video's for 'It's Like That' and 'We Belong Together'. Two words; Wentworth Miller.

Christina Aguilera.

I was never really a fan of either Britney or Christina (or Mandy or Jessica or... I'm sure there was another one) when they fist came out to be honest, I think it was when I was just getting into Blink-182 so liking these poppy princesses wasn't 'au fait'. I think I started to like Christina when I saw her 'Diary of...' on MTV (did I say how much I miss it?) she came across as such a sweet normal person, not the bitch the press made her out to be during the Britney/Christina war. I think it helps you to appreciate a person's music if you can appreciate them as a person. Her 'Diary Of...' encouraged me into buying her 'Stripped' which I loved (still do) and there we go, I was a Christina convert.

Would Recommend: 'Beautiful' always works or new song 'Keeps Gettin' Better'

Lily Allen.

People never really believe this story but here goes. When I regularly went on Myspace, all those years ago, I'd go trawling through the music pages of unsigned artists trying to find new music. By doing this I found Lily Allen (And 'Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly') and added her as a friend. I think the two songs that got me really and truly hooked were 'LDN' and 'Knock 'em Out', both of which really made me laugh, and as aforementioned I like a little wit in my lyrics. Although, there was a little lull in the love stakes for me when she realeased 'Smile' and it was played everywhere (then it got released in the US and it was played everywhere else), but I do still love her, and the new tracks she's put up on Myspace are fun (funny) too.

Favourite: 'Knock 'em Out'
Would Recommend: 'LDN' and her cover of 'Naive'

Kanye West.

I think the first song I heard by Kanye was 'Slow Jamz' the first one I actually really loved was 'All Falls Down' (the one with Stacey Dash in the video) the lyrics really resonated with me,

"She has no idea what she's doing in college/That major that she majored in don't make no money/But she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny/Now, tell me that ain't insecure/The concept of school seems so secure/Sophmore three years aint picked a career"

those lines especially. That's when I realised he wasn't just another rapper. I grew to like him because he talked about actual 'things/issues' not just women, money or the rims on his car.

Favourite: 'Bittersweet Poetry', 'Heard 'em Say' and 'Gone'
Would Recommend: 'Good Life', 'Jesus Walks' or 'Stronger'

Britney Spears.

I think the one thing that originally made me want to, unashamedly, listen to a Britney Spears was Pharrel Williams - the co-ed remix of 'Boys' was pretty amazing, 'Slave 4 U' was pretty awesome too. After that I mainly paid attention because I felt a bit sorry for her and was hoping she came out with something really good, the more she messes up the more I like her, or at least want to root for her. That seems like such an awful reason but it's true.

Favourite: Sometimes
Would Recommend: Piece of Me


I think my love for Madonna is mainly due to secretly watching 'Desperately Seeking Susan' at a young age (and my brother being a big 'Dick Tracy' fan when he was younger), my love for that film encouraged me to research Madonna songs a little (and as far as I remember, watch a really long documentary about her) and I started to love her more through songs like 'True Blue', 'Crazy for You' and 'Rain'. One of my first album purchases was 'The Immaculate Collection' (albeit a few years after it's original release). Although my love for her has waned since she released 'Music', I still really do love 'Old School' Madonna.

Favourite: 'What It Feels Like A Girl' and 'Get Into The Groove'
Would Recommend: 'Ray of Light', 'Frozen', 'Take A Bow' and 'Human Nature'

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