Saturday, September 27

So I make whirlpools, And watch him sparkle...

1 MINUTE AGO: Messing about with the quizzes on Facebook.
1 DAY AGO: Sat in my 2nd Year Induction lecture.
1 WEEK AGO: I was on my way back to Nottingham.
1 YEAR AGO: Recovering from Freshers Week.
I MISS: Having a male best friend to talk about all the boy stuff I like.
I AM: Sat in my garden reading the Guardian.
Current mood: Needing to escape. Or at least needing someone to escape with.
Current Music: Al Green - Let's Stay Together
Current Taste: I've got Badger Lemon & ginger Lip balm on and every time I move my mouth I can taste it.
Current Hair: I (literally) just pegged it up into a bun.
Current Annoyance: I have a sore throat.
Current Smell: My lip balm, and tarmac actually.
Current thing I should be Doing: Cleaning, but I'm enjoying an empty house (and garden).
Current favourite band/artist: Kate Walsh. She's got the acousticy, sound that I love.
Current windows open: Blogger, Facebook, Itunes, Photobooth and Last.FM.
Current Desktop Picture: It's from an Naomi Campbell Editorial she's wearing the Viktor and Rolf 'Dream On' coat.
Current Favourite Show: 'Ugly Betty' is back. And 'Gilmore Girls'.
Current Book: 'The Virgin Suicides'
Current Movie In DVD player: It may be 'Shaun of the Dead' not sure though.

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