Tuesday, October 7

In My Head I'm Like, Really Famous and Stuff...

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I'm sorry another music related post! It can't really be helped at the moment though I'm going through another phase of 'craving' new music/artists (any recommendations, recommend away!) so I've been scouring the internet for new (or new to me) music. When doing this my first port of call tends to be the celebrity playlist section on Itunes - on the one hand it's fun to see what sort of music your favourite celebrities are into (did you know Adrien Brody is a big Reggae fan, and I'm not just talking typical Bob Marley songs) and on the other you learn about fun new artists or songs.

Anyway going through all the celebrity playlists made me wonder what I would put in mine (you know when Itunes finally approach me), so I sat a while listening to my Ipod, made a list of about 50, cut it down, cut it down some more and here we have my Itunes Playlist (subject to change a bajillion times;

1. TLC - Diggin’ On You
This is such a chilled out, funky song. I love the simplicity of the lyrics.

2. Jenny Owen Youngs - Voice on Tape
I have a strange love of songs with answer phone messages. I interpret this
as the way you feel after a break-up that you're still in love with the memories,
but not the person.

Deee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
If you don’t like this song we can’t be friends.

4. Madonna - Into the Groove
My favourite Madonna song. What can I say? I love to groove.

5. Joni Mitchell - A Case of You
It’s just perfection isn’t it? Makes me want to be in the sort of love the lyrics
suggest - crazy in love, but still me at the same time.

6. Hanson - Mmmbop
This song makes me smile, regardless of how rubbish I feel. The Jonas Brother's
ain't got nothing on Hanson.

Sade - By Your Side
This is my song! I think this can apply to so many people, there’s always that
one person by your side.

8. Bjork - Venus As a Boy
Really interesting, dreamy sounds combined with sexy lyrics. I love it.

Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor
Possibly one of my most favourite artists. You can feel the emotion in Lauryn’s
voice, it brings me to tears. Just amazing.

10. Regina Spektor - Braille
You can imagine the story of the lyrics happening as she sings. Such a simple,
bittersweet song.

11. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
My goodness me, the beat on this!

12. The Weepies - Gotta Have You
Simple, sweet song and lyrics. Actually reminds me of a certain someone.

13. Prince - Purple Rain
The music alone makes me cry. Prince is just an amazing musician.

14. Dolly Parton - Islands In The Stream
Dolly is a legend. Possibly one of very few songs karaoke hasn’t ruined.

15. Royksopp - Sparks
A chilled bittersweet love song.

16. John Mayer - Gravity
I love the blues guitar on this, the opening gives me chills. Regardless of I what
I feel about his personal life, John is a very talented musician.

17. Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No.1
My favourite piece of music. Great to just close your eyes and stop thinking to.

18. Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain
I love the slow lovers rock feel of this song. One of my favourite Bob Marley

19. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
Perhaps a little cliche to call an Imogen Heap song haunting, but this really is.
Haunting and heartbreaking, all at the same time.

20. Siobhan Donaghy - There's a Place
The best thing this girl did was leave Sugababes, if only people would pay
attention to he now. Just a beautiful, feel good song.

21. Mary J Blige - Sweet Thing
Reminds me of my Mum (as do all Mary and George Micheal songs). The whole
'What's The 441?' album has so many childhood memories attached to it that I
couldn't not include at least one song.

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