Thursday, October 23

New Year, New Me...

I know you're probably thinking 'but Pixie, it's only October', but last week Thursday it was my birthday and I'm an entire year older, so technically it's my New Year. Mazel Tov! Although, I've never really made New Year's resolutions I do make little personal notes in my head as the year goes by, that I think I should do or at least try to achieve. I'd thought I'd make a note of them here every week or so, then at least maybe I'll be more inclined to follow, so here goes...

From Postsecret.

* Get a Hobby or at Least Revisit an Old One.
The past three weeks my routine has pretty much been' wake up, shower, get dressed go to uni, come home, go on the internet whilst watching tv, eat, watch more tv and go to bed. That's basically a long winded way of saying I have done nothing vaguely interesting at all. But I've been scouring the internet for things to make and do and seeing is this is going to be my first Halloween dressing up I figured I'd make part of my costume (Little Red Riding Hood), so I've found a pattern for a hooded cape and fingers crossed it'll turn out fine.

* Get Physical, Get Healthy
Last January I joined the gym near my flat. I got up at 7am every couple of days and did a 45 minute workout, although I didn't lose any weight (actually, I don't know I try not to look at scales) I didn't feel as guilty about my health when I said 'I went to the gym this morning'. However, joining the gym was probably the worst thing I ever did because now I feel even worse that my membership has run out, that I don't walk as much as did at home and that I eat so much carbs. Fact: before I went to the gym I didn't care. I ate healthier and I was quite healthy. Gyms ruin lives, the end. Oh no wait, back to what I was doing. I don't want to get the sort of healthy where you watch every bite that goes into your mouth, or where you feel like you're in competition with everyone else to look amazing, or where you slave over some machine. I want to be healthy and happy, and have fun whilst doing it.

* Read More/Broaden my Knowledge.
Growing up it was unlikely for you to see me not reading a book. When I was younger, before bedtime, I'd find a huge pile of books to read and place them all at the end of my bed to read, I'd manage to get through quite a few too. Nowadays it takes me a lifetime to finish one book. I always say I don't have time, but that's probably because I don't make time to sit and read. I've also started buying the paper at the weekend. I've been finding the US election very interesting this time round, and I get a little too excited by books with the words 'economics' and 'politics' in the title so I thought I' feed my enthusiasm by reading a newspaper. Although, I'm not quite managing to read it back to front - I'm surprised by how much I enjoy knowing what they're talking about on 'Have I Got News For You' for once!

* Bake/Cook More.
I suppose this ties into the healthy pledge also. Normally if I'm baking something is wrong, especially if the rattling in the kitchen is preceeded by me shouting "I'm going to bake a bloody cake!" - that's probably not very good. The reason I want to cook more is because of the way I feel after I've baked that bloody cake - I feel so relaxed and soothed that I can't remember why I was angry in the first place. So if I feel like that after being all angry, think about how I'd feel if I started out in a good mood. Hmmm? Good idea, no?

Right, well that's all I've got so far, but I think it's a good, do-able, list. I'll try to keep you updated, possibly quarterly, until then wish me luck!

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