Tuesday, November 4

I'm a Wavy-Handed Songbird Too!

If you've been following X-Factor this year you'll have noticed the nation's obsession with wavy-handed, songbird Diana Vickers (reminds me a little of Big Bird actually). They seem to be pushing her into the floaty-vocals, folksy, acoustic genre of music that I just don't think works for an X-Factor contestant (For the record, I've never really criticised X-Factor like some of the 'deep, cool indie kids do' I think it's a good way to showcase talent - especially in the older category - that wouldn't normally get an opportunity, hello previous receptionist Leona Lewis). The problem I have is that they're making Diana to be this big, new, unique talent to those who don't normally listen to that sort of music. Those who do, however, will know there are so many artists in that particular category who are miles better and more talented than Diana. (In my auntie's words 'it's like she heard Sinead O'Connor sing once and a light-bulb went on somewhere in her head.' and don't get me started on the hand waving).

Diana Vickers - Man In The Mirror

I'm sure you get where I'm going with this post. I want to enlighten you with a few artists that are in the same sort-of vein as Diana, that I'm crazy in love with.


Kate Walsh

"Haven't you heard?/I'm stuck on a verge/I'm stuck on a boy who feels me with joy/I knew I was wrong to/jump straight on into the picture so pretty/But he is so pretty to me"

You would not believe how in love I am with her for writing those lyrics (Your Song by Kate Walsh). I discovered Kate through the (pretty darn cute) film 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging', I'd heard 'Your Song' and decided that I had to find out who this woman was. Well, Kate Walsh is a singer/songwriter from Burnham-On-Crouch in Essex (which totally messes with you pre-conceptions of Essex girls). Only 20 years old when she released her first album, Kate's voice shows such maturity and wisdom, whilst her lyrics reflect a sweet innocence.

Kate Walsh - Your Song


Siobhan Donaghy
"I don't mind/If you cry/I want to be/Holding your hand/And you can feel/You can lean/Don't turn away"

Who knew a Sugababe had it in them to be something other than a Sugababe (or an off-shoot of one, sorry Mutya - I still love you). Siobhan left Sugababes and went all indie and stuff, I always thought that if one of the original three went solo Siobhan would be the one to make it awesome. Granted her solo releases didn't really get picked up, but to those who have heard them I'm sure you share my love. Her most recent album, the aptly titled, 'Ghosts' is a haunting, acoustic release which shows how much her music has matured since leaving the Sugababes. My favourite song on the album has to be 'There's a Place' It has a sort-of breezy, laid back vibe to it and Siobhan's vocals are just perfection.

Siobhan Donaghy - There's A Place


Laura Marling
"Lover, please do not/Fall to your knees/It’s not/Like I believe in/Everlasting love"

I don't know Laura very well (not personally, I mean musically), in fact I'm just getting to know her. What I do know is that she's 18 years old, which not only makes me feel quite old - it's just wrong in general. Like Siobhan, her lyrics and songwriting show so much maturity and yet a beautiful innocence - compared to some of my favourite artists like Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor - she's being considered the next big thing.

Laura Marling - Ghosts

A few other artists you may like to try,

The Weepies
Rosie Thomas
The Bird and Bee
Catherine Feeney

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