Monday, December 1

My Style Icons. - Honourable Mentions

Part Six - Don't worry you're all fabulous, daahling!

This really is the last time I promise, if anything I'm running out of people I truly believe are fashion icons (plus I'm slightly dismayed by the news that Cheryl Cole will be on the cover of Vogue). There are however a few people whose style I absolutely adore, that possibly don't influence my own personal style or who I look at and just think 'Wow. They look amazing'. So here are my Honourable Sartorial Mentions.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Is this an obvious choice? Honestly, I don't care. These girls' personal style is just perfection. I think every day I have different favourite Olsen style-wise (although in general I tend to favour M-Kay); Ashley's style is very much based on classic pieces, minimalist looks with something a little edgy (huge heels, statement coat or funky accessories) thrown in. Whereas Mary-Kate's style is a mix of Boho, Grunge and punk - favouring a lot more vintage pieces. I've loved these two since I was younger, watching episodes of 'Two of a Kind' and 'So Little Time' that's weird seeing how they've evolved over the years, it's just nice to see they've not, properly, been over-styled and gone off the rails like your typical Hollywood child star.



No, don't worry I know that Penny-Lane (or at least this particular Penny Lane) is not real. I just wanted to be specific although I'm sure Kate Hudson is lovely, I'm not a humongous fan of her style, although this dress deserves a mention. If anything this is just me trying to get you to watch one of my favourite films 'Almost Famous'. Penny Lane is the sort of girl you'd love to be your friend when she's happy, but when she comes down from that high would be quite destructive. Although you'd probably stay friends with her to borrow her clothes - very much a child of the generation in which the film is set, Penny Lane's style is very Bohemian. A mix of floaty tops, Afghan tops and stonewash jeans - It all just emulates Peace and Love. If I could sit and just 'be' in a film 'Almost Famous' would be it.


Amy Winehouse

Ooooh, controversial! Well, it's no secret I love Amy's music, and yes I know at the moment she's a bit of a mess, but she does have her own unique sense of style. Always with a vintage, 60's sort of flair, you can't deny Amy knows how to dress for her shape, whether it was a few years ago when she was rather gorgeously curvy or now that she's a lot slimmer. Unlike lot of celebrities these days she's stuck to what she know's suits her, without being influenced by designers/shops sending her free stuf, and more importantly she wears whatever she feels like waering - just a bra, those ballet pumps or her now infamous beehive.

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