Thursday, December 4

It's All Extremely Upsetting.

1 MINUTE AGO: Subconsciously dancing along to 'Heartbreaker' by Mariah Carey.
1 DAY AGO: Moving my desk away from the window in preparation for the decorators.
1 WEEK AGO: Probably sat watching something on TV.
1 YEAR AGO: I think we had a couple of essays in this time last year.
I MISS: Ditto to last month, having a male friend in my life.
I AM: Sat in bed watching Jack Dee Live at the Apollo.
Current mood: Meh. I'm feeling the 'single at Christmas' blues.
Current Music: Rockin' it 90's style with Letters to Cleo and Jill Sobule.
Current Taste: Slightest hint of tea.
Current Hair: It needs a bit of TLC.
Current Annoyance: The weather snow, rain. Rain, snow. And essays, essays, so many essays.
Current Smell: Wet paint.
Current thing I should be Doing: Sleeping perhaps.
Current favourite band/artist: Hmmm, I don't know really - still open to suggestions
Current windows open: Blogger, Itunes, dictionary and finder.
Current Desktop Picture: It's a picture of Josh Hartnett at the Independent Spirit awards.
Current Favourite Show: Hmmm. Gossip Girl, always I suppose.
Current Book: I'm not actually reading anything at the moment.
Current Movie In DVD player: Pffft. My DVD player is currently not working, it's extremely upsetting.

Scala - ABBA Medley (I want to join this choir!)

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  1. sorry to hear you are feeling the single at Christmas blues. I hope Jack Dee was able to raise a smile or two for you though


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