Wednesday, January 7

Guilty Pleasures, Part II: The Boybands

Do you remember way back in May when I started a little thing called 'Guilty Pleasures'? You'd be forgiven for forgetting because, to be honest, I had. I only remembered about this series I'd intended to start, and am actually quite pleased I did because I really enjoyed finding video's for it. This time round I'm talking about...

Guilty Pleasures, Part II: The Boybands

McFly - That Girl

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Technically speaking this isn't a guilty pleasure and I admit I see no shame in saying that I love McFly, other people do think it's a shameful thing to like them. So I'll bed damned if I miss an opportunity to talk about how much I love these boys. For the aforementioned reasoning I don't really think of any of their songs as being 'Guilty Pleasures' per se, but I will admit some are cheesier than others. Thus in trying to find a guilty pleasure McFly song my first consideration was how cheesy the song was and the second was (as with most McFly related things) how hot Dougie looks. And so I ended up with 'That Girl'. (Embarrassingly I think I taped this off the TV when it first came out).

Jonas Brothers - Love Bug

I honestly can't be bothered to pretend I don't know who the Jonas Brothers are and that I don't have a crush on the youngest one (who is perfectly legal, in the UK). The Jonas brothers got famous (like McFly) for being a bit like Busted, but unlike McFly that was because they did Busted covers. Now they're a bit of a teen phenomenon (akin to The Beatles, but not as good) who get followed by screaming teenage girls, I assume, every time they leave the house. For those who still don't know who they are, if you remember that whole Russel Brand scandal (nope, the other one, nope not that one either, nope... I'll tell you) when he presented the MTV VMA's and he joked about that 'silver ring thing' crap that goes on in America (and here now, which I found out this week) well 'The Jonas Brothers' were the ones the camera kept panning to in an attempt to get a 'Justin Timberlake like reaction'. Anyway this is the only song of theirs that I like, but I actually think it's quite cute and 'lovebug' is one of my favourite words.

O-Town - Liquid Dreams

Do you remember O-Town? If the answer is no don't worry nobody ever does (except my friend who really liked Jacob - the one with dreads). They appeared on a show called 'Making the Band' I think around 2000, which was pretty much like P.Diddy's current version, in fact he might of done that too. Anyway they were managed by the creepy Lou Pearlman, who had also managed Backstreet Boys and N'Sync so it's quite a surprise they didn't do as well. I only remember a couple of their songs, both of which I own, and the one I remember most of the two is 'Liquid Dreams', make of the meaning what you will.

LFO - Summer Girls

"New Kids on The Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick..." Aaah, come on how can you not like that. Apparently LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones) also had a bunch of hits in the US, although I only remember that one and the one with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the video. But when you listen to the lyrics in the entire song you quickly understand they only needed this hit, because it is pure, pure genius!

5ive - Got The Feelin'
I honestly think I'm enjoying this a little too much - I've spent the last 10 minutes singing, giggling and dancing along to LFO and 5ive. I don't think they can even be considered 'Guilty Pleasures' anymore, I'm enjoying it that much. Anyway, back in the day 5ive were marketed as the bad boy boyband, I'm not quite sure what 'antics' they got up to that warranted that title, but there we go. If anything it was probably because they did 'faux raps' in most of their songs, as they did in this one.

Honourable Mentions

Backstreet Boys - Shape of My Heart

Backstreet Boys had some pretty good songs (some pretty good videos too, namely Larger than Life and Backstreets Back) and their slushy, romantic ones were possibly the better ones and 'Shape of my Heart' was my favourite.

*NSYNC - Gone
I've always had a soft spot for *NSYNC (mostly Justin). Although some of their first albums are typical boy band songs, as the boys got more control over their music (and, yes, Justin wrote more) their stuff got a lot better. It's hard to pick a favourite *NSYNC song, but I absolutely adore 'Gone'

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