Saturday, January 31

Things That Make Me Smile

From Weheartit.

Bonne Belle Lip Smackers Lip Balm
I used this when I was younger and going through the lip gloss discovery phase. The only reason I stopped was because a girl in my glass said they weren’t proper lip gloss and for children - she shamed me into stopping using it. I have now, thankfully, rediscovered Lip Smackers and they are amazing. Mine taste like Skittles, I honestly don’t know how they could be more perfect.

Finding Someone With a Similar Sense of Humour

I have an odd sense of humour. It’s an interesting mix of clever wit/satire (Stephen Fry, Simon Amstell Mock The Week, etc), sarcasm (Jack Dee, again Simon Amstell, etc), clumsiness/stupidity (Lee Evans) and immature grossness (Any Judd Apatow film and Family Guy). Thus finding someone with a similar sense of humour is like finding a Leprechaun’s gold at the bottom of a rainbow - magic. I did find that person and although they aren’t around anymore I’m happy that all the memories I have make me smile, or even giggle. Finding someone you really relate to is something to cherish.

Baby Naming Books/Websites
I know, I know it’s a little weird, but I honestly love baby name books. I love the idea of having something this important which, let’s face it, you kind of own and get to give a name which they have to keep forever (or until they’re 16 years old, or decide to become famous). I find it to be such an amazing thing that I cry a secret tear when I hear someone named their child something boring. Maybe that’s why I get so excited about celebrity baby news, I don’t care about the whole pregnancy business I honestly wish I didn’t have to see all that, but creative people give their children creative names. Because of that fact we have creative baby names (which I love) like Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Apple and, my favourite ever, Moxie Crimefighter (if that was my name, well, my goodness me the things I’d be!). All I’m doing is giving this important thing a lot thought, I’m not going to go getting a baby any time soon to name (if anything this satisfies any kind of motherly urge that I don’t have), plus it’s fun.

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