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Reasons Why I Love Mike Skinner (The Streets)

Hello stranger. Haha. I haven't been here for a while (properly anyway) and here I am starting a whole other series of posts, brave stuff. I think it sort of explains itself really, so lets get to it. Starting with Mr Mike Skinner aka The Streets.

Reasons Why I Love Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner (commonly known by his stage name of 'The Streets') is a 30 year old musician who was born in North London and brought up in Birmingham, the former location owing to the London 'twang' in his voice. Mike is currently working on his fifth album of which you can follow the progress on his Twitter account. Right, so with the formalities out of the way let me tell you why I love him.

1. I'm cheap. Like a lot of people these days, I don't buy albums. This is mostly due to the fear that I'll put it on for a listen and find that the only decent tracks are the singles. So if I've bought an album it's likely I've listened to the 30 second previews on Itunes a million times to make sure it's worth buying. With The Streets, however I can buy an album and feel pretty confident that I'm going to like (almost) every single track (the only other artists I can probably say that about are Adele and Lauryn Hill, and they've each only released one album) - in fact I think I have every single track from 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' and 'Original Pirate Material' on my Ipod.

2. His insightful tweets make me giggle. Including his obsession with the Dyson Airblade and Cadbury's Miniature Heroes. Examples include:
"Loving the weather. The chocolate middle bit of the feast has definatly got smaller"
"As i get bigger every year, Toys r us seems to get smaller"
"Easter egg foil is really cool. When do you ever see purple foil at any other time of the year? why is that?"
"The dyson airblade is a baddass way to dry your hands. I want one in my house"
"do they have dyson airblades in girls toilets too? I always imagine the stuff in girls toilets is better and cleaner"
"I want someone to twitter a photo of the dyson airblades in the toilets at fabric"
"I just realised Cadburys have stopped putting mini crunchies into heroes. That is fucking out of order"

3. His videos are really quite clever. It sort of ties with my love of films where not much happens, but a lot happens at the same time. Well that's what his videos are like - typically him walking around doing things, expressing emotions and talking at the camera. That sort of thing, but it really works because it's like he's telling you a story through the video.

4. Around the time 'Original Pirate Material' was first released Mike was on the cover of a music magazine (can't remember which one) and it sparked a conversation with me and my two best friends, during which I very boldly stated that:
"I'm either going to marry Mike Skinner or love everything he ever releases"
So far it's been the latter however, if you're reading Mike, I'm still single, just in case

5. His lyrics are equally, possibly more, insightful as his Tweets. The songs he writes have, noticeably, evolved from his first album to his most recent songs. Although, all are an interesting mix of his own point of view, funny anecdotes, politics and little of life philosophy. He also writes a decent love song without being too sickly sweet. (see: The Escapist, The Irony Of It All and Everything Is Borrowed.)

Honestly I could think of more, but I can't just tell you to love something you have to experience it (plus it's a Bank Holiday), so off you go - listen to some 'Streets', then come back and try and tell me you don't love him too.

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  1. alright,

    it's mike skinner here, wanna "stay positive" together in the pub sometime?


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