Wednesday, May 13


If you watch or have watched Sex and The City you may remember the episode where the girls talk about their ‘secret single behaviour’, those being the things you do when you are on your own and would never do in front of a significant other. Although if you’ve been (properly) single for a while like me it’s probably just known as ‘behaviour’. I do have a few little things that I love doing (which have become difficult now I live with other people and am looking forward to engaging in a lot come this summer when I move);
  • I turn the heating on so it’s warm enough for me to walk around in my underwear, lock myself in the bathroom and paint my toenails resting my feet on the edge of the bath/shower.
  • I put on a full face of make-up (even the stuff I don’t normally use) just so I can take it all off - I love to cleanse, tone and moisturise.
  • I stay up until the early hours of the morning watching Dave and reading fashion magazines.
  • In the evening I leave the blind open, light candles and lie down in the middle of my bedroom floor - just thinking.
  • I try on all my most glamourous clothes, make gorgeous outfits and pretend I’ve been invited to the ELLE Style Awards or The Bafta’s.
That’s just a few, but if I told you all my secrets, well then they wouldn’t be secret, but if you don’t mind sharing I’d love to hear yours.

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