Friday, June 26

I Love This Song ...

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

I've been watching Ally McBeal all week and everyone on that show seems to have a 'theme song', if I had a theme song this would be it - I can't count the amount of times I've strutted around my bedroom getting ready this song.

I have a bajillion memories linked to MJ through my life (I don't know anyone in my family who isn't a big MJ fan) - there's the 'Moonwalker' video that my brother would insist we watched, the time me and my friend listened to 'Black or White' so many times to try and learn the rap, the time I watched the History DVD at my uncle's whilst he went out and I hid behind the setee when Thriller came on, the time a boy sang 'You Rock My World' to me, when on a quiet day at work we put on MJ and tried to moonwalk across the shop floor, the time my brother found a curly wig and a trilby and ran around the house pretending to be him, my mum singing along to the 'Dangerous' album on the way to school. And so many more ...

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