Monday, August 3

Classic Goldie

Did anybody watch 'Classic Goldie' on BBC Two on Friday? For those of you who didn't or aren't sure of who Goldie even is - let me catch you up.

Goldie is an English electronic musician specializing in, and pioneering, Drum & Base and Jungle music. 'Classic Goldie' follows on from the BBC conductor contest/reality show 'Maestro'. In 'Classic Goldie' Goldie is approached by the director of the Proms to compose an original piece of music to be performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in the 2009 Proms season.

The biggest challenge is that Goldie can't read or write music and mainly produces his music on the basis of how it looks on a computer screen - synthesized sounds and electronic sampling - basically like sound waves.

It's an interesting watch - seeing how he 'draws' and hums the music and watching how it all comes together. You can tell he has a huge appreciation for it all. The first episode is available on BBC IPlayer until Friday and the second episode airs on Friday 7th, 9pm on BBC Two.

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