Thursday, August 13

The 'Me' Issue

(from Complex Magazine via Amber Rose Gallery)

Beauty isn't black or white, fat or thin - there's all the different shades and sizes in between.

That's the issue I have with fashion magazines - they release tokenistic editions, take for an example, Vogue Italia's (two) 'Black Issues' and then carry on the way they had before. Is that an attempt at highlighting an issue or simply using gimmicky marketing tactics to sell magazines? And what about all the other ethnicities that are misrepresented? How about scrapping the whole 'Black Issue' idea and just use different ethnicities in the magazine on a consistent basis. Or consider the many issues of most women magazines which release a 'Body Confidence' issue on a yearly basis. The magazines recognise the range of individualities within the readers, and yet only address it in a yearly gimmick issue.

You may be wondering why I used the above picture for this post, but looking at the pictures of Amber Rose was quite possibly the first time I looked at a magazine editorial and felt comfortable about my body - her boobs aren't seemingly molded onto her collarbone and she has chunky thighs like me! My final thought was actually 'My body isn't actually as bad as I think it is'. The irony is that the images are featured in a men's magazine!

I know a lot of women won't be able to relate to Amber Rose - not everyone looks like her, or Sasha Pivoravova, or Jourdan Dunn or Gisele Bundchen (and the list goes on). But that's the point, nobody does except them. If magazines featured a wider range of women perhaps we'd stop thinking what we are isn't good enough or 'not right' and realise technically speaking no specific way of looking is the 'right way', surely it's the fact that we're all different that makes it 'right'.

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