Sunday, August 9

Sit Here and Think About Modern Art or Something

1 MINUTE AGO: Playing Restaurant City on Facebook, I think I'm addicted.
1 DAY AGO: I was in town sitting in my mum's shop.
1 WEEK AGO: I can't remember actually, it may have been raining so I think I was inside watching a film.
1 YEAR AGO: Possibly the same as above - I was in Sheffield and it's always raining there.
I MISS: My uni friends and having money!
I AM: Sat in the living room with my Mum and sister.
Current mood: Slightly anxious about some delayed uni results, but otherwise I'm fine.
Current Music: Respectable by Mel & Kim.
Current Taste: Strawberry Ribena.
Current Hair: I still have bed hair - It's in pigtails.
Current Annoyance: My delayed module results - I handed my coursework in before Easter!
Current Smell: The living room smells warm.
Current thing I should be Doing: Nothing in particular really.
Current Favourite band/artist: I'm really liking A Fine Frenzy at the moment.
Current windows open: Blogger,, The Primadonna Inspired and ITunes.
Current Desktop Picture: It's from 'Pictures of Walls', it says 'Sit Here and Think About Modern Art or Something'.
Current TV Show: Previously blogged 'Classic Goldie and 'Privileged' on Ch4, which I discovered has been cancelled in the US. Bah!
Current Book: ELLE Collections A/W 09 and Running with Scissors.
Current Movie In DVD player: I think it's either 'Dreamgirls' or 'Laguna Beach' S1 (It's all about Trey!).

Dreamgirls - One Night Only

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