Friday, September 18

If fashion is life, then you must have a really boring life.

(image from Streetpeeper)

If you subscribe to the 'In the Closet' podcast from you may recognise the face above as Josh Peskowitz. If not, that up there is Josh Peskowitz Fashion editor at

I recently unsubscribed to a lot of women's style podcasts because I found them boring - "This is what's in style, this is how you should wear it, next week we'll tell you what else is in style and how you should wear it". - One of the very few I didn't unsubscribe to was 'In the Closet' (also presented by Executive Editor Tyler Thoreson), other than the fact that I have a rather large crush on Josh, this was because they look like they have fun when they're talking about the clothes they like or what's in style - they make jokes, they laugh, they have a drink and say things like 'awesomeness' and 'dude'. Surely that's what fashion is about, having fun and expressing yourself.

To watch Tyler and Josh 'In The Closet', clickety click.

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