Thursday, September 3

An Open Letter to Madonna

Dear Madonna,

Today I watched your new video for 'Celebration' and it troubled me. I'm not one of those people who thinks that when a person gets to a certain age they should stop wearing certain clothes just because society says so, if you feel comfortable and look good then why not? I am, however, one of those people who thinks out of dignity one should shut their legs and stop waving their groin every-which-way in music videos - as a woman of a certain age, you should know better. We know, you like to court controversy, you like to push boundaries and you like to be different, but at this point your attempts reek of desperation and just lump you with all the other female pop stars that prance around in their underwear. This is not the confident, intelligent, headstrong and progressive woman we knew from previous years, what happened to her? Please take note from your previous videos that we don't need to see a person's crotch to consider them sexy (or in the majority of cases we don't need to see one's crotch at all).

Even in your 'Sex' book you didn't come across as so distastefully (and tackily) over sexed as you have in your most recent videos - you've become so trite. What happened to Madonna with something to say, a message - the Madonna who had powerful, political lyrics/videos (I don't want this one who hangs herself on crosses in her underwear, and says things along the lines of 'Stop being mean to people. Its not nice', on stage). Also, as a final thought, is that auto-tune I hear? Myself and your previous incarnations hang our heads in shame.

Yours Faithfully,

A previous fan.

PS: As a person who loved you an awful lot at one stage, I have to admit you lost me at that 'Music' album (although I do love 'What It Feels Like For a Girl).

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  1. (or in the majority of cases we don't need to see one's crotch at all).

    Lol. So true, so true. Also, take heed, Lady Gaga.


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