Monday, October 12

Do You Want The Truth?

...Or Something Beautiful?

Paloma Faith (Paloma Faith Bloomfield) is an English singer, currently being named the new (or newer, I'm sure Adele was the new one) Amy Winehouse.

Paloma (as you may know if you caught her appearance on the first episode of the new 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' series) is delightfully, with perfectly refined and unique personal style and a perfectly unrefined Hackney (London) accent. Supporting her oddities are a few facts from her official website:

She began singing in cabaret and burlesque clubs.
Paloma once appeared as a live ghost on a ghost train ride at the funfair.
When she was a magician’s assistant she would be sawed in half onstage.
She once worked as an assistant in Agent Provocateur.

In addition to those weird and wonderful previous jobs, Paloma is also an actress - she played Andrea the Emo in the recent 'St Trinians' film and appears in the upcoming film 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'.

Paloma is currently focusing on her music career, and doing pretty well; the release of her debut single, Stone Cold Sober, apparently had to be brought forward due to lots of radio airplay. He music is a mix of that big band, jazzy, swing-like sound that probably owes the Amy Winehouse comparisons but everything else - voice, style, humour and optimism - is very much Paloma.

Paloma's new single 'New York' and debut album 'Do You Want The Truth, Or Something Beautiful' are both out now.

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