Tuesday, June 22

The Brothers Bloom

They'd Never Let the Truth Come Between Them.

Ok, before I start - I feel it's almost tradition now - my verdict on the tagline? Meh, it's ok. It's sort of snappy and summarises the film. Let's be honest, I've seen worse.

The Brothers Bloom is the story of  two brothers, Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrien Brody) who just happen to be the best criminal masterminds in the world. Stephen (the older brother) plots the story of their cons and Bloom (the younger brother) plays the starring role. Their only other constant accomplice is the mysterious, quirky and voluntarily mute Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi). In their final act as con men the brothers choose a lonely and eccentric heiress named Penny (Rachel Weisz) as their final mark. Their final caper turns out to be a little more complicated than they had previously expected, when in the end they're not sure who's conning who.

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I've only read one review of this film, and that was after having watched the film, so thankfully I approached watching it with no expectations other than being aware of the pretty awesome cast - I will honestly watch almost anything with Mark Ruffalo in, I adore Rachel Weisz and have only ever heard good things about Adrien Brody and Rinko Kikuchi. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised - I'm a big fan of 'caper' type films and there were lots of twists and turns to keep me entertained, although in the end the "not sure who's conning who" became a few twists too many, and just left me quite confused

Incidentally, the review that I read described it as a truly terrible film (quite literally, "this film is awful don't see it").  The huge delay between the film's original Toronto film festival premiere (September 2008) and it's UK release date (June 2010) would suggest it's really not that brilliant, which really doesn't help matters. Honestly it's not awful, not completely unwatchable or a waste of 2 hours (or however long it lasts).  I quite enjoyed the quirky characters (which I suppose had a sort of Wes Anderson type vibe about them). I even enjoyed the twists and turns, ensuring the first half of the film was really quite good. It almost seems they got a little carried away with themselves at that point and thought "well, these plot twists are working well, so let's throw in another" ... and another, and another, and another... you get my drift. It got to the point where the focus was taken off the main story/characters and I didn't have a clue what was going on - I'm still not sure I do to be honest. It reminded me a bit of when I first watched Oceans 12. I quite liked the first one so I thought "Ooh, this will be good", and it sort of was at first but then stuff started and I thought "Oh, that's interesting", then more and more stuff started happening in such a quick succession that I wasn't able to work out the previous stuff that had happened before more stuff happened, and ended up with a headache. That is what watching The Brothers Bloom was like (I'm assuming that run-on sentence made complete sense to you, as it did in my head).

Really, it was sort of disappointing that the film didn't measure up to it's cast, and the end didn't carry on as well as the start. It's a super stylish, intricate and fun film, but in the end it was just a little too confusing (and headachey).

The Brothers Bloom is showing at UK cinemas now.

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