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Guilty Pleasures, Part III: The Spice Girls

I considered doing another 'Guilty Pleasures' blog for Girl Bands, but then I started searching Spice Girls songs (baaad move) and 3 hours later I figured I'd dedicate an entire post to them. so here it is:

Guilty Pleasures, Part III - The Spice Girls

For those of you who don't know the Spice Girls are let me tell you a little about them (and you need to show me that awesomely soundproof rock you've been living under).

(l-r, Melanie B - Scary Spice, Emma Bunton - Baby Spice, Victoria 'Beckham' Adams - Posh Spice, Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice and Melanie C - Sporty Spice)

The Spice Girls were an English girlband formed in 1994 and were arguably one of the most successful girldband in the world, ever. The girls released two albums as a five piece 'Spice' and 'Spiceworld', both of which were #1's and reached platinum worldwide. Geri Halliwell left the group in May 1998, and the girls released their last studio album 'Forever' in 2000. 

So let me share with you a few reasons why I loved (and still love the Spice Girls).

1. The music - Oh come on what else would I start with. Fine, it wasn't deep and meaningful or laced with political messages, but it made me smile; it made me smile because it was fun and they were having fun. They sang about being friends forever, about how boys can be rubbish but your friends would be there forever, that being a girl is amazing and you should never let anyone make you think any different. Their music was pure unashamed pop, no question. That's the thing bands today always want to do something different, try a new sound and it doesn't work - the girls stuck with what they were good at and made it amazing. They also had some pretty catchy melodies and worked with some rather good producers (I'm sure my dad would appreciate that comment).

2. They were friends - Music journalists love to moan about manufactured music and how it's the downfall of modern music, blah, blah, blah, and maybe these girls did answer an advert to spend an awful lot of time with complete strangers, but they became friends and you could really see that when they were performing, singing or just generally messing around. In between there were rifts, fall outs, people left the group and numerous solo attempts, but now 16 years later they are still friends. Again, comparing them to current bands you just don't see that anymore - I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Girls Aloud having fun together and Sugababes replace each other before they have a chance to introduce themselves.

3. The Fashion -  No designer, celebrity or designer has ever affected the clothes I wore (or begged my mum to let me wear) more than these five girls. Every girl (and some boys) could identify with at least one the girls, whether you were sweet and innocent like Emma, sophisticated like Victoria, a casual tomboy like Mel C, a bit feisty like Mel B or saucy like Geri - there was a look for you. Personally, my favourite was Mel B, as young black girl this was pretty important (although I might not have realised at the time) I felt I could identify with her - she looked like me, she had the same hair as me, she wasn't stick thin and she wore glasses. I felt comfortable with the way I looked. They also taught girls to play around and have fun with fashion and wear whatever they felt comfortable, and I think if you have to follow any fashion rules, that's probably the best one.

4. Girl Power - I think one of the most important things that these five girls instilled in me (and many girls) and that really should be instilled in all females is to love yourself and your fellow females. When I was younger 'feminism' or 'feminist' almost seemed like a dirty word, very few people (yes men can be feminists too) still don't identify as being feminist, when really all it means is believing in euality between the sexes, and really what's wrong with that? The Spice Girls, especially Geri who became a Goodwill Ambassador for The UN , readily identified as feminists - 'girl power' becoming almost the band catchphrase. Up to now all five girls support various women's charities, and if the tabloids are to believed they support eachother with their problems too. The girls taught us that being feminist didn't mean becoming the stereotype feminist which everyone perceives, but having fun, being sexy, loving your friends and loving life. Because, really, 'God help the mister that comes between me and my sisters'.

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  1. I can't say that I ever really got into the Spice Girls, but you know my well documented love for Posh.

    Your tribute makes me want to dig some songs up!

  2. Do it Jen, very few things make me as happy as listening to The Spice Girls!

    Although Posh was never my favourite (she was my fourth favourite). I could never dislike her simply n the grounds that she was once a Spice Girl.


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