Friday, June 25

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  • "You know it’s not that, it’s that it’s completely irrelevant to my path. I hope that she does wonderful and sells trillions of records and that’s great, but it has no bearing on my life. I don’t feel like someone else doing well has any bearing on me doing well. I think a lot of people have an issue with other artists’ sales but I don’t do that. I don’t feel like anyone else’s career has any bearing on anything I’m going to do or say." - Kelis on whether she feels she has any competition currently in the music industry. (Popjustice)
  • "Bigger Is Not Always Better, Unless You're a Skinny Black Chick". A look at the plus size vs. size zero debate from the skinny perspective. (Clutch)
  • I'm going to go out on a limb here (and ignore the obvious embarrassment that goes with it), by saying that Jedward almost look attractive in this photoshoot (?!). (The Guardian)
  • " See, I'd been on the fence about Gaga for forever. And then Bad Romance happened, and I read more of her interviews, and I looked at more of her hats, and I went from "maybe you sometimes have something interesting to say" to "maybe you're pretty good" to "WHY ARE WE NOT THE BEST OF FRIENDS?" So I do love Gaga, but I've never been ready to write a solidarity declaration of a post about her that is totally YEAH I'M A LITTLE MONSTER, because every once in a while she does something that is so pseudo-"edgy" that I am convinced she is just going through the same art school phase James Franco was probably in the French cinema-infested, beret-obsessed, life-philosophizing middle of when he wrote that [awful] [I'M SORRY DESARIO] story for Esquire" Tavi on Gaga. (Seriously this is the exact journey I'm having with The Gaga). (Style Rookie)
  • "Come Party With Lady Gaga" The article by Caitlin Moran (who is rather amazing) which ultimately converted me to the Gaga way of life. Although you can only read it if you subscribe to Times Online apparently, which is a travesty because, seriously, who subscribes to Times Online? (Times Online)
  • "Pretty Woman is a Funny Valentine". Because I watched Pretty Woman for the bajillionth time this week, the first time after having read this article, and it seemed a bit different to when I had previously watched it. (The Guardian)
  • Continuing the 'Pretty Woman' trip. The stunning Opera dress. (Clothes on Film)
  • Actually just go to Clothes On Film in general please. (Clothes on Film)
Happy Weekend Loves!

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