Wednesday, July 28

I went away.

Did you notice? No? Oh, fair enough.

Anyhow, I went on my first holiday in, well, lets just say a very long time. I spent a super lovely week in Madrid, so I thought I'd share a few pictures. 

We stayed in an apartment near the Tirso De Molina metro station (quite near to La Latina and Sol and Atocha - seriously it's pretty central!), which is apparently where a lot of Madrid's immigrant population are located, so it's a really cosmopolitan, multicultural area.

Madrid has some really amazing architecture. It's such a shock to come from a place like Nottingham where they've demolished so many of the historical buildings in the city and replaced them with gaudy, modern buildings and then to see the contrasts in Madrid where they have a lot of modern buildings, but have also restored a lot of the old buildings or kept the traditional features. Which is why I took so many pictures of buildings!

We also visited a The Prado Museum and Sofia Reina and saw some pretty amazing (and famous) paintings. I also saw a lot of really fun street art.

Aside from all that, we heard some amazing music and ate some even more amazing food. I had a wonderful time in Madrid - it's such a beautiful city, which I would love to visit a lot more times. I was there for an entire week, and yet still feel like there's more to see (including a different kind of weather, I don't even think I saw a cloud!)


  1. Ahhh that looks so lovely!

    We're hoping to get there next month some time. Maybe September...

  2. Thanks Jen, it was absolutely lovely. I sort of want to visit at the height of Winter, just to see if it's any different when it's cold.

    Fingers crossed you get to visit soon!


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