Saturday, August 14

I (still) Like This Song

It was announced this week that Alanis Morissette is currently pregnant (congrats!), well that was all the excuse I needed to listen to Jagged Little Pill on repeat. When I was younger I always went to the popular or angry girl songs like Ironic, and You Oughta Know (and Head Over Feet because it reminded me of a boy), but this time round I've found myself really loving this song (and Not The Doctor). So yeah, I'm kicking it old school with this song.


  1. Me too! I actually just went looking on Rock Band tonight to see if it was available!

  2. I'm guessing you already have Tragic Kingdom on Rock Band Jen? I really want to buy Rock Band for our Wii, but it's way too expensive for me and my student non-wage. My sister and I are thinking of asking or it as a joint christmas present.

  3. Yes, of course! Ha ha, most of it anyway. The Man was opposed to buying nothing but No Doubt. Yes, make the parents buy it! Always a good solution. :)


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